Landscape photo to Portrait any ideas?

  bowl 16:01 24 Jun 2005

Hi I have got an old photo taken in landscape but the photo album is all portrait. Any ideas if this can be done and ifr so how thanks. Win98se

  Diodorus Siculus 16:10 24 Jun 2005

It can be done but not with either, a, losing some of the image or, b, distorting it.

  Pooke 16:36 24 Jun 2005

Easy enough to do but as said you would lose a fair bit of the picture at the side/s. If you have a scanner, scan it in and play around with it to see what is acceptable for you. You would lose quality as well.


  Enoch 17:11 24 Jun 2005

I know this answer is probably stupid, but may I suggest you put the photo in sideways. If it is seen on the PC you can change it for viewing by 90'. If it is in a print album, just turn the album sideways to view it. Both the aforementions is preferable to croping the photo. Posterity will thank you

  bowl 20:59 24 Jun 2005

Thanks for all the suggetions will mess around and see what comes out will leave it open incase someone else gets an idea. Whatever I will still have the original

  woodchip 21:11 24 Jun 2005

Only way is lose half the Image by cropping it top and bottom

  MIke 21:21 24 Jun 2005

Shrink it so it's still landscape but on portrait orientated paper.You'll have blank paper at top and bottom of image similar effect to watching 4:3 picture on widescreen telly but with dead space top and bottom instead of sides.

  Pooke 23:00 24 Jun 2005

stretch it over 2 pieces of photo paper? and then put them side by side in the album!


  Kev.Ifty 23:20 24 Jun 2005

Just a thought. Host your pic here click here then come back to PCA and post the link.

Then we can see your picture, and some cleaver person might be able to edit it for you and email, or link a copy back to you..


  bowl 00:03 25 Jun 2005

Hi well thanks for all the input I thought there might be a simple way but there isn't. As for just putting it in the other way round well you know what women are. I will get asmack for that remark I bet.


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