Landline Problem

  Lucy3594 21:35 27 Nov 2007

My landline has stopped working when someone rings me the phone will ring if I pick the phone up there is nothing and no-one there, but to the person ringing the phone just rings and rings. I can't make outgoing calls at all as there is no dial tone.

I have rung BT numerous times first and they said if an engineer comes out and it's my equipment then I get charge £ 99 then today I called again and was told that the cost is in fact £ 116.00 call out charge plus another £99.00 for every hour the engineer is here - unbelievable !!!

Been told I have an old mains socket, I have tested my phone and my spare phone at work and they work fine, has anyone else had the same problem and was it BT's fault, I really don't want to get wacked with a £ 200 odd charge but need my landline to operate my O2 broadband.

  ArrGee 21:42 27 Nov 2007

The problem could well be a line splitter. Do you have filters installed?

Never use BT engineers, as your local high-street telephone repair company will do the trick at less than half the price.

Your main BT socket will have a facia that is split in two parts, any other socket will be an extension. Try the phone in the main socket directly and see if the problem persists.

If it does, and being a BT customer, they have an obligation to repair at no cost.

  Technotiger 21:43 27 Nov 2007

Have you asked BT to simply do a line test, that I believe is free, apart from the cost of the call. You could even use a different phone altogether to ask for a line check on your phone-line.

  birdface 21:44 27 Nov 2007

Change to Virgin And get rid of BT.Phone them back tell them you have checked your phones and they are in working order,Old mains socket was it you who installed it or BT.And is you computer still working through the same line.

  Lucy3594 21:47 27 Nov 2007

Did have a splitter that ran from my mains box and then from the splitter my phone and broadband connection, but have disconnected all of that now and tested two phones and broadband on their own into the main box but still no joy

I have a really old mains box that does not have the facia split.

Its really bizzare !!

  Technotiger 21:52 27 Nov 2007

Looks like a line fault, which BT should check without cost to you.

  sinbads 21:56 27 Nov 2007

sounds like a broken wire can uyou describe the main socket you have?

click here
if your phone works elsewhare then its probably the socket

  Lettervanman 22:05 27 Nov 2007

As you have the old type master that does not split BT will not charge you,the line and this box will be theirs to repair or replace. Even if there are hard wired extensions from this box there should still be no charge since you can't disconnect them, as can be done with the split type box.
If you or someone else changes this box BT can get very upset!

  Lucy3594 22:22 27 Nov 2007

I have a the old type box that does not split, the facia has never been removed (i wouldnt dare - you know us women and electrical stuff) and has always worked in the past, I have just written a snotty e-mail to BT as one rep quoted me one charge for an engineer if it's my equipment thats at fault and then tonight another rep gave me totally different charges - I mean we get charged the earth and what compensation do we get if it's BT's fault !

  Technotiger 22:30 27 Nov 2007

As Lettervanman has said, I believe BT are obliged to replace your old box free of charge. I think you should get on to BT first thing in the morning and ask for a Line-check to be done and at the same time tell them that you still have the old type socket which you want them to replace.

  Rimini84 12:12 28 Nov 2007

Hope this helps;

1)Phone ringing continuously
*Terminals 2 and 5 swapped between sockets (2 at one socket connected to 5 on another and vice versa)

2)No ringing
*Terminal 3 disconnected

3)Ringing but no speech (or very poor speech) and can't dial out.
*Wire between terminals 2 or 5 broken.

4)Very poor speech quality, possibly poor bell *Terminal 3 and 2 or 3 and 5 transposed

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