Land line 1571/broken dial tone problem

  Lemur 12:09 10 Mar 2008

I have a Talk Talk Talk3 International Call Plan with Broadband. When I have a recorded message waiting on my land line, I get a broken dial tone. Until I clear the message(s)this causes any form of speed dialling to fail, resulting in a "number not recognised message". The only way I can dial 1571 even, is to press each number very slowly and for about 1 second each.
Before I signed up for the package, I was with Talk Talk and did not have this problem - instead I got a dial tone which was like an emergency vehicle dee-dah sound! The signing up process (last October) seemed to coincide with Talk Talk moving their system either to a new exchange or to perhaps their own facility in the old exchange.
I have made nunerous attempts to get any sense out of Talk Talk, to the end that they now appear to find nothing wrong with the idea of a broken dial tone, and have stopped replying to my messages.
My gut feeling is that there is something wrong with the equipment in the exchange, although a friend in another area about 4 miles away has the same problem with Talk Talk. If only I could speak to a Talk Talk engineer, I am confident that I could make much better progress than countless messages to an office, goodness knows where.
Sorry that this is not really a computer type problem, but this business is doing my head in.
Any ideas please? Many thanks.

  Technotiger 12:11 10 Mar 2008

If you are using a Router - do you have Filters on all your phone equipment?

  johnnyrocker 12:17 10 Mar 2008

try bt for help?


  Lemur 12:41 10 Mar 2008

I do have filters, but then I always have had.
Reluctant to trouble BT., since I have left them for the competition! Thanks anyway.

  lotvic 13:21 10 Mar 2008

Yes, annoying isn't it.

I have learnt to live with it. Guess it must be some sort of a glitch in the system.

  Stuartli 13:34 10 Mar 2008

It's very well known that undeleted messages from the 1571 system caused problems with dial-up modems until the messages were cleared - the modem was unable to recognise a dial tone due to the tone variations indicating waiting messages.

However, it's the first time I've heard anyone having problems, albeit indirectly, with a broadband service also available.

  Lemur 13:38 10 Mar 2008

Great to hear from you lotvic. I am most relieved to make contact with someone else who experiences the same problem. Another friend is also on Talk Talk, but has BT as her ISP., and does not have the same problem. Talk Talk's customer relations department either don't or won't understand what I am going on about, but getting through to someone who can sort it, seems to be well nigh impossible. The problem is a nuisance, especially if one needs to make a quick 'phone call using the speed dial facility, but this glitch in the system delays things drastically. Many thanks - watch this space??

  Lemur 13:54 10 Mar 2008

Just a further thought. In one of my many contacts with Talk Talk, one man on their help desk suggested that, because I am using both their caller waiting and 1571 facilities, they are both fighting for control of the voicemail and that causes conflict in the system. He suggested that I should buy a stand-alone voicemail device, and cancel the 1571 facility!!

PS: Thanks Stuartli for your input.

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