LAN working one way only

  krsna 10:52 17 May 2004

I have 2 pcs connected by NICs and crossover cable but there seems to be a problem with the home networking set up.
On the Host pc, if I go to My network places/view workgroup computers it displays both computers on the network but if I try to open the client pc icon it will not allow me to it says "client computer not accessible.You might not have permission to it. Log on failure the user has not been granted the requested log on type for this computer"
If I try this out again this time from the client pc that will show both pc's on the network & will allow me to open both.
Any idea what could be causing this?

  AndySD 11:07 17 May 2004

Do you have a firewall on the pc and if so try configuring it to allow access.

  krsna 12:03 17 May 2004

I have the XP firewall on the host pc, i don't think I can reconfig it?? If it is poss to reconfig it can you let me know how, thanks.

  LeadingMNMs 12:05 17 May 2004

What operating system does the second machine use ?

  AndySD 12:06 17 May 2004

Sorry I was not specific enough.... is there a firewall on the client pc?

  krsna 16:11 17 May 2004

There is no firewall on the client pc, the only firewall is on the host & it is the XP firewall.
The host pc is XP home & client is XP pro.

  AndySD 16:41 17 May 2004

The first thing try if you have mot done so is to set the host login to have a password and see if this solves the problem. (control panel>users>change the way users log on and off)

  krsna 08:42 18 May 2004

I will try & put a password on the host, but i have to admit that since I do not need passwords on the pc's I tend to leave them without passwords.
Do you think the problem is on the Host or the Client pc?

  Rigga 08:54 18 May 2004

click here
allows network access with blank passwords.


  AndySD 10:00 18 May 2004

Just a thought....and I have just sorted this out on a friends home netwotk. Have the pcs got different although he said they had it looked hat way as he had used different descriptions and the computerneme the same. To make sure the first part of the computer names in Network Places must be different.

  krsna 10:41 18 May 2004

I have got different names for the pc's and the fact that on the client I can open the host files suggests that there seems to be no restriction one way.
I have looked at the blank password site & will try it but it is for the XP pro so I can only do it on the XP pro pc (client).

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