LAN - Unplugged network cable

  Liteman 19:52 26 Jan 2004

I have recently bought an XP Home PC. Because my old slide scanner is SCSI and expensive I deceided to keep the old machine, 98SE, as a base for the scanner and network the 2 machines. I bought 10/100 LAN card from PC World which came complete with CAT 5 cable, and installed in old machine; new machine has Intel(R) PRO/100VE on board. I've been through the network wizzard on both machines and all seems OK on the old machine, but I get "a network cable is unplugged" on the XP machine when I can see that it ain't. Any suggestions?

  mgmcc 20:21 26 Jan 2004

If you are connecting the two PCs directly - Network Card to Network Card - it is necessary to use a "crossover" CAT5 cable. Is the supplied cable a crossover one?

  Liteman 00:19 27 Jan 2004

According to the box, the cable is shown connecting 2 pcs directly to each other, so I assume it's the right one.

  DieSse 00:38 27 Jan 2004

"so I assume it's the right one"

Don't assume anything! Check it.

You can do this very simply. Look at the colours of the wires where they enter the plugs at each end. If they are in the same order, it is NOT a crossover cable. If the order is different, then it should be a crossover cable.

In either case, it's possible that the cable is faulty, of course - so you could try another one.

  Chegs ® 01:03 27 Jan 2004

Does it still work both ways,eg Can you swap files between them?

  DieSse 01:14 27 Jan 2004

I think the implication is that it don't work at all!!

  Hyperangelic 09:40 27 Jan 2004

I get the LAN - Unplugged Network Cable message on my home PC all the time. I've not really bothered to spend the time looking at it, but it seems to be something that was pre-installed on my XP Home OS. It doesn't seem to relate to my actual connections as I still get it when I network my Laptop to the Desktop.

I'm sure someone here has some idea why the message is lying around...

  Liteman 21:26 27 Jan 2004

Although the device manager says that a 1394 net adaptor & the Intel(R) network adaptors are present, if I go into Bios setup, neither of them get a mention. Does this mean that they don't exist, or am I simply going loopy?

  mgmcc 22:31 27 Jan 2004

I'm not sure that network adapters would normally appear in the BIOS. Because your 1394 net adapter is not connected, this is probably the reason for the 'Unplugged network cable' symbol appearing in the system tray. In the Network Connections folder, right click its entry and select 'Disable'.

  DieSse 23:33 27 Jan 2004

1394 is not the lan card or connector - it's the firewire port. So you would expect to see a "cable unplugged" indiaction unless you've got a firewire device connected.

  georgie2 12:35 28 Jan 2004

i have this on my xp home computer, i am connected to the internet through a cable modem using a usb hub, i think this 'network cable unplugged' is if you want to connect via an ethernet card

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