Lan ports

  Craig-289433 10:53 17 Jun 2003

Is there any way of testing Lan ports to see if they are working okay or not.

I connected my modem to the lan port on an Asus A7N8X motherboard with an ethernet cable, but still no response, upon phoning Blueyonder they reckon there is a problem with the Lan port (I don't really think there is, as both ports have the same problem.)

So would like to check the two ports as this is a brand new motherboard.

  soy 11:09 17 Jun 2003

Make sure you install your motherboard LAN driver.

My motherboard has a LAn port and it wouldn't work properly after a reinstall of XP. I later discovered that my motherboard CD had LAN drivers on it. I installed the LAN driver for my MOBO and the port sprang into life.

Check your MOBO disk for any drivers.

  Rayuk 11:16 17 Jun 2003

Have you
Checked in bios they are enabled
Installed drivers[as Soy suggests]
Turn off your modem for a while then turn it back on

  Rayuk 11:21 17 Jun 2003

Look in either Device manager see if the network connectors are there.
Also try Control Panel/network connections

  Craig-289433 11:22 17 Jun 2003

I have installed the drivers from the motherboards disk and still the same problem.

As I said don't think the Lan ports are the problem, but have no other way of testing them

  Craig-289433 11:33 17 Jun 2003

They are in the Device manager and in the Network connections and will disable themselves when the ethernet cable is removed.

This is why I don't think there is anything wrong with the two ports but the modem just displays an ip code of 169.

  Rayuk 11:46 17 Jun 2003

You could have a look through here see if can help you out
click here

  rober32 11:54 17 Jun 2003

Make sure you do not have Norton,Zonealarm etc running. check out the lan conx properties/tcp/ip properties---make sure it is set to obtain an Ip address automatically

  fitshase 12:59 17 Jun 2003

Have you tried a different cable?



  Craig-289433 13:38 17 Jun 2003

Haven't tried a different cable as only bought this one yesterday.

  fitshase 15:23 17 Jun 2003

Is it the correct cable? Make sure it is not a crossover cable.

Also, do you have the MAC address of the LAN card registered with Blueyonder?



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