LAN newbie confused - what type of wireless router

  polymath 17:53 08 Jul 2008

I'm looking for some shopping advice, for connecting 2 computers (desktop & laptop, details below) wirelessly. I'm new to networking. I'm told I need a router, but don't know what a LAN one's called (as opposed to an ADSL/cable broadband one).

I presume any LAN will enable internet connection sharing? I'm getting BB installed in a week or so (transmitted from a mast - the BB installation only connects to one computer directly, via cable; to the desktop in my case).

I hope people don't mind such a basic query; I know lots of websites could help, but until I get the BB I can't always access them. I'm stuck with dialup and then some (9.6kbps to be exact); continually timed out (or cut off by the noisy phone line). PC Advisor's site, fortunately, is admirably easy on the kbps. (& its reply notification emails save a lot of browsing).

The BB cable plugs into a network (RJ45) port, and the computer just has one. Do I need some extra widget to use the same port for the LAN? Or perhaps to buy a particular variety of router?
Another tiresome elementary question; does the LAN also need a widget to plug into the laptop's network port (if so, what's it called?)

At the moment I'd just like to buy what's needed, and have the equipment about the same time as the broadband (I'll be able to browse the web then for how to set things up). Recommended manufacturers would be very useful too. Suggestions for shops would probably be wasted effort; I live in Ireland so can't buy from most UK retailers (high street or online). I can get just about any IT product from Maplins or Irish retailers.

I'll be back here as soon as I can, but it can take a day or 2 (spare time + connection quality).

Desktop; Packard Bell Ixtreme X2711. Laptop; Packard Bell Easynote BU45.

Both are wireless enabled, have a network (RJ45) port and preinstalled Vista Home Premium. The desktop also has onboard LAN, and (in case they don't mean the same thing!) onboard network controller, & wireless networking.

  dms_05 16:39 09 Jul 2008

Nice one! So you will have BB from a local Wireless Network? If that's true it could be complicated, or relatively simple depending upon how it's implemented. Does the supplier of the BB service provide any equipment for you or has he said 'go and buy some equipment'? If it's the latter then it's simple. However if he has provided a LAN cable for you to connect to them he has either supplied the router or is using an Access Point. It's all rather complicated and (a) ask your supplier (b) post back here when you know more.

  polymath 17:06 09 Jul 2008

Thanks dms. The BB man said 'go buy a router', but only when I asked him if that kind of BB connection can be shared between computers. The LAN's nothing to do with the BB installation - the signal goes through a cable to the PC (not wirelessly), and the BB installer's work stops there.
Sorry - I thought of a better title so have another thread going about this. I'd better put a link to it here & close this (will do as soon as I can).

  polymath 18:50 09 Jul 2008

Sorry everyone - dms_05 took me by surprise. I didn't seem to be getting any replies with this rather vague title, and had started again with a hopefully more helpful one, at click here. I'm ticking this thread as resolved, in the hope it'll sink into obscurity again and leave just 1 thread showing on the subject.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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