LAN Cuts Out

  Big Trev 20:03 10 Oct 2007

I have two PCs in my home connected to a home network using a BT Home Hub.
One connects via a wireless connection and the other by an ethernet cable.
Both run Windows XP.
The PCs seem to have set up a LAN without my involvement and internet and email connects via this.
Frequently when I boot up the LAN connection has been lost.
The cure for this is to take all the cables out of the home hub and plug them in again. I then reboot and all is well.
It is annoying however and I'd like to know how I can stop it.
Any ideas?
The bloke on BT Broadband help could only suggest I move the router nearer the middle of the house (not possible) and then suggested taking out all the cables and putting them back in again.
There must be a better way! Please help.

  woodchip 20:09 10 Oct 2007

While the Computers are swithed on, Try turning the BT Home Hub Off for ten minutes. Then restart it.

By that I mean Pull the Mains adapter out for the Hub

  Big Trev 20:16 10 Oct 2007

That sometimes works as well, but I was seeking prevention rather than the sure, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your help though.

  Daveboy 20:31 10 Oct 2007

Do both machines, wired & wireless both lose their connection ?

  Big Trev 21:21 10 Oct 2007

Yes they do.

Suggests the probem is with the router or service provider, doesn't it?

  woodchip 21:25 10 Oct 2007

Router Settings Problem, Check Firewall in router etc

  Daveboy 22:05 10 Oct 2007

So is it your b/band that is disconnecting or is it your Lan, ie you can log in to your router but not the internet ?

  Big Trev 23:19 10 Oct 2007

The message I get is that the LAN is disconnected.

I get no message suggesting the router is at fault.

  woodchip 14:06 11 Oct 2007

Have you done any updates to software or windows lately? As I just had the same problem nearly as you after a Upgrade to my Laptop, using HP Update then MS Update. As soon as I pressed on my Browser icon the WiFi disconnected. I had to reload an Acronis Image that I had made just before the above, it's now back working OK

  Big Trev 16:46 11 Oct 2007

No, nothing new. It's a new PC.

I had the same problem with my old one and thought it had stopped, but it has begun to happen again.

  woodchip 17:23 11 Oct 2007

Yes mine is a new HP laptop with XP on it

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