Lan chatting

  TTP 18:09 30 Sep 2004

Im looking for a simple utility to enable me to send & receive text based messages to my other computer on a 2 PC wireless LAN. Ive had a look thru the downloads section - cant find anything. Looked on the net - cant find anything. I am unsure whether messenger is useful (we both have XP) as i am reluctant to use it for security reasons. Is there 2 types of messenger services ? Please feel free to reccommend personal prefrences etc

  TTP 18:34 30 Sep 2004

I cant seem to get that to work........

  cyberphobic 20:36 30 Sep 2004

MSN/Hotmail would do what you want to do, you only invite contacts that you want - no-one else will be able to contact you. I regularly tell my children (all online in their bedrooms) to go to bed via hotmail!

  TTP 08:57 01 Oct 2004

I got winchat running (after enabling the relevant DDE network services) - selecting the other pc from the list - it just comes up with unable to connect (or something like that - i cant check right now because its in 98se - ahh memories !!). I will check the correct wording if you wish - 'the other computer did not respond'. Is it something to do with the firewalls ? Ive tried it without ZA & just the XPsp2 firewalls on , i darent drop this one aswell right now for obvious reasons ! CYBERPHOBIC - i really dont want to have to dial up each time, i just need a chat service no matter how basic really to do the same as you !DINNER! BEDTIME! COME DOWNSTAIRS PLEASE! etc

  cyberphobic 09:01 01 Oct 2004

Sorry, didn't realise you were on dialup, we have broadband so all our PCs are online all the time.

  hillybilly 09:36 01 Oct 2004

Think a small program called Nassi is what you need.
Click here
click here

  TTP 16:26 01 Oct 2004

It IS open on both pcs ! Im just DLing nassi for a play. Ill post back before i go to work later.

  TTP 16:41 01 Oct 2004

nah i want a free one !

  Zion_Lion 19:39 01 Oct 2004

Hi mate... you could try this simple program called stickies click here
It's not a messenger type of service but it does allow you to send and recieve messages across a lan in the form of post-it's like you find on your office desk, and it's free.

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