is a lan card the same as an ethernet card?

  Rikku 00:51 08 Jul 2003

hi, broadband might be coming to my area soon and i want to connect my ps2 to my bb connection i heard that you could do this by using an ethernet card. my motherboard has a lan card built in but is it the same thing as an ethernet card if not thats the differance? the manual of my motherboard says you can use it to connect to your bb connection and i looked in hardware profiles and somewhere i have an ethernetcard which isnt installed is this the lan card? if so what else would i need to connect to the broadband service? thanks for reading!

  Giggle n' Bits 01:00 08 Jul 2003

in the BIOS also, you can check to see it listed in the network in Device Manager in the My Computer.

  jazzypop 01:01 08 Jul 2003

Strictly speaking, an Ethernet card is only one type of LAN card, as there are other types available. However, Ethernet is so overwhelmingly popular nowadays, that the two terms are often used interchangeably.

In your case, your built-in LAN card is almost certainly an Ethernet type of LAN card, which is exactly what you need to connect to broadband.

A word of warning - 'broadband' can mean either ADSL or Cable. If you are thinking of getting Cable (from NTL or Telewest), all is well. If you are thinking of getting ADSL, you need a separate ADSL modem. Most of these are external models, which can either connect to a USB port or an Ethernet connector on your PC.

  Rikku 01:13 08 Jul 2003

so all i need is an ethernet compatible modem and microfilters?? (btw id b goin radsl with freeserve) we got the fiber optics for cable down but they are for the police atm summat to do with speed cameras so it doesnt look like cable is comin soon.

  Rikku 01:14 08 Jul 2003

and thanks so far :D

  jazzypop 01:17 08 Jul 2003

You can use either a USB or Ethernet modem. I prefer Ethernet modems, as I find that many USB modems either try to draw too much power from the USB bus, or use too many system resources.

Enjoy your broadband when it comes - it's the best single 'upgrade' most people can apply to their PC :)

  Rikku 01:33 08 Jul 2003

would i need something like this

click here

OR something like this

click here

lol i think its the first one but am unsure

  TomMK 02:16 08 Jul 2003

no its the 2nd one you want if you need a modem, the first one is a router, which is used to connect multiple computers to a single internet connection. If you only have the one computer to connect there is no need for a router. You can buy modems with a built in router if you want though.

  Rikku 07:43 08 Jul 2003

yea but as i said earlier i was gonna connect it to my ps2 aswell . . . so would i need a router for that?

  Rikku 18:53 08 Jul 2003

can some one please reply?

  jazzypop 19:35 08 Jul 2003

Here's how to set up a PS2 and router - click here

Here is an ADSL router, listed as PS2- compatible - click here

Be wary of buying a router that only operates at 10Mb/s (such as the one in your link above) - I recommend a 'dual speed' router that can operate at either 10 or 100Mb/s, commonly described as a 10/100 device. this makes for faster data transfer within your home network.

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