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  patso 19:53 13 Feb 2006

i want to get wireless broadband in and currently use a dial up.the company told me i need a lan card when i go to device manager it tells me i have a disabled firewalled SIS-900 Based PCI Fast ethernet adapter#2.the location is PCI Bus O Device 4 Function O .it tells me this device is disabled code 22. pc man in shop tells me the socket on card is bigger than dial up socket but i have 2 black sockets the same size one of which is dial i set up for bb.pc man also says lan needs to be configured.all greek to me .any help.using xp home and sp2

  wobblymike 21:16 13 Feb 2006

ok - this means that you have a LAN connection either on your MOBO or as a plug in pci card - it is currently disabled but that can be fixed with a mouse click.
If you are going to go wireless broadband you will need a wireless router/modem with an ethernet connection so as to allow you to use your LAN connection (which is also an ethernet connection). The two black sockets you are referring to are I expect on your dial up modem - this becomes superfluous in the case of broadband. You will have another similar but slightly larger socket either on your mobo (have a look in the area of your USB sockets) or on a plug in card. This is what you need to use. If you buy a wireless router/modem you will almost certainly get a suitable ethernet cable with it. Does that help?

  patso 18:50 14 Feb 2006

thanks all the stuff will come with the broad band. but the two sockets look the same size on the back of the pc. One is for the dial up the other i dont know i presume its for the broadband

  wobblymike 19:07 14 Feb 2006

No I think not - your description of 2 sockets together is typical of a plug in pci modem, one is for phone and the other is usually marked line.

The LAN socket will be elsewhere, as I said yesterday, have a look at the back of your PC where the usb connections are on the mobo is there a similar socket somewhere round there.

  patso 16:15 15 Feb 2006

there is three rectangles symbols beside this is black but looks different than the dial up and is beside the usb connections on the back of the pc.thanks again

  patso 18:52 15 Feb 2006

mike thanks for youe info. i dug out my manual and it shows a pic of the socket in question and says it is a network connection socket that enables connection via a 10/100 Mbs network or DSL.this must be the socket i need.i am waiting for the delivery of the wireless bb and hope i have no problems setting up with a bit of luck.i will just click enable in connections and hope things will be ok and windows will do the rest.i will post back when i get the bb.thanks again for the replies.patso

  wobblymike 19:17 15 Feb 2006


spot on thats the one - a bit of advice if I may
Go into Control panel, Network Settings - right click on the LAN connection and select enable.
Then right click again and select properties - at the bottom click the box that says Show icon in notification area when connected. As long as you have enabled the LAn as described you will get two tv screens appear in the notification area, bottom right with a cross through it and it will say cable unplugged or some such words. That's perfectly normal and is just waiting for you to connect your broadband modem. When you get your modem switch it on (you don't even need your PC switched on at the moment) and connect as follows:
Connect the telephone line from the adsl connection on the back of the modem into one of the filters you will get with your system and then plug the filter into your telephone socket or extension lead.
You are now waiting for the DSL light on the modem to be lit and not flashing. If it is flashing then either your line is not yet enabled or youhave not connected up properly. Once this light is on steady connect the ethernet cable to the pc and modem and switch on your PC. You will see yout 2 TV lights light up - select Internet Explorer and then in the address bar type in the address of your modem this will be with the box when it comes - enter your user name and password close the box and you're on line.

  patso 19:20 16 Feb 2006

thanks again for the connection advice mike i am waiting for the bb to be delivered and will do as you say .i will leave the post open and post back and let you know how i get on and many thanks again for all your help /patso

  patso 21:05 06 Mar 2006

sorry for not replying mike but i had a pc crash and had to send it back to be repaired.ionly got it back today.i followed yous advice and the wireless broad band is set up successfully.many thanks for your advice on setting it up and to all who replied to my questions your advice is priceless .thanks again patso

  wobblymike 08:24 07 Mar 2006

glad to have been able to help

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