Lag spikes during online games

  vaughan007 13:49 24 Jul 2004

Hello Everyone,

I have had BY broadband for 3 years. But only at this house for about 6 months.

I have a SB4200 modem conneted through a NIC.

For the last 3 months (this problem appeared overnight) my on-line gaming experience has become rubbish. Every minute or two I get a huge lag spike and its as if my internet connection has been dropped completely (ping goes from 10-20 straight up to 400-500 or more and then drops straight back to 10-20 again after a second or two of "freeze time").

This problem can happen at any time of day. Sometimes this problem dissapears completely for a day or two, only to return.

My pc is adaware and virus free and there is no other programme accessing the internet during gaming.

This happens on all games on all servers. I can change the "rates" in the games and the problem is exactly the same.

The lights on my modem are all ok, but I am sure there is a problem with my internet connection.

Any ideas anyone?

What shall I say to Telewest when I call them?...the last time I called them they were insisting it was a problem with me PC.


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