Lag with msi 970 gaming motherboard

  biivil 12:46 09 Apr 2015

Okay, I'm posting this problem for a friend of mine so if you need any more information about this than what I've got then just ask and I will gather it Neither him or me ar that into building pcs so we really need help!

My friend just bought a msi 970 gaming motherboard with amd fx6300 processor and he built it in and it's up and running. It's just that now when he play games it lags extremly much and some games closes down ( the popup with ".exe stopped running" comes up) and we cant seem to find out why.

All the problems accured after he installed his new motherboard + processor so it has to be something to do with it, we figure..

He thinks it can has something to do about the ram maybe? (Kingston 4gb ram) The harddrive he uses is Western digital blue 500 gb.

In case you don't understand what the problem was: The Pc lags while playing games (when he looks down in his first person shooter games the lag stops for a while). It's not spikelag, it lags randomly.

We have googled for a seloution but can't seem to find any... Please help :(

  biivil 12:50 09 Apr 2015

Oh, and he is using windows 7, 64-bit

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