Lady needs help with Wireless please

  mahalia 16:15 09 Feb 2008

I've already posted this in the Network forum, but I think this forum is used more.

Hello All, I hope you can push me in the right direction regarding the MINEFIELD I've found with WiFi networking!

To start then this is what I want to do. I tried before Christmas and it all went horribly wrong, I took the stuff back for refund and now want to try again.

A] 1 PC, 1 Laptop. Want to be able to access the Internet (maybe both machines at the same time if possible).

B] I live in the country so although the security side of it (WEP, WPA/PSK) is important, I'm not likely to have neighbours/nasty-people-in-Vans-parked-outside stealing info.

C] Neither PC or Lappy has wireless adapter inside - I need dongles or PC Adapter card

Is it possible to a) Hard-wire WiFi modem/router into back of PC then b) install dongle/or PC Adapter in lappy, rather than have dongles in BOTH PC and lappy? OR do I need to use dongles/adapter cards in BOTH PC AND lappy?

Which TYPE of modem/router do I need? There are sooo many types/standards, difficult for the absolute beginner to know WHICH one to go for, but I think (after reading a lot online) G+ probably OK? What about N standard? And what is MIMO ?

D] Next question is - What's the best manufacturer? There are quite a few sets costing in the £40 -s now, as there are in the £90 -s - Belkin, NetGear, Buffalo, etc etc. Which seems to be the Easiest and mist reliable please, but not costing the Earth?

E] BT customer, not Cable.

Sadly, because I live out-in-the-sticks, I can only have BB connection of 512 anyway, but as long as it doesn't degrade slower than this it's fine. Just need to wait for BT to get their act together for us country-bumpkins!!

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out with this.

Thank you,

  Technotiger 16:23 09 Feb 2008

Check at click here and look at their Broadband options. If your ISP is BT, they would supply a Free Broadband Router (I have one myself), this connects to the PC via a cable (everything needed cable-wise, is provided). The laptop would then connect wireless using an Adapter. This router is just about the easiest router to set-up.

  Technotiger 16:25 09 Feb 2008

PS - forgot to add, you may need to get a PCI Ethernet card to fit in the Desktop PC, if it does not already have one - very cheap and easy to fit.

  mahalia 16:31 09 Feb 2008

I'm NOT with BT (glad). Yes, I do need either the PCMCIA adapter for the lappy or a USB dongle. Which of these 2 do you think is the best? I think the dingles are a bit fragile, but are they any faster than the cards?

  mahalia 16:34 09 Feb 2008

also just not sure what make to get. I've read godd/bad about brand A, good/bad brand B and so on and so forth. This is so so confusing. I've yet to find a website that's purely dedicated AND gives good advice on this matter. Is ot worth for example getting an 'N' type rather than a 'G' type? nothings made easy for the beginner is it...

  Technotiger 16:36 09 Feb 2008

I have never used a dongle, only the adapter for a laptop, but I don't think there is a lot of difference in speed anyway. Whether you get the router from BT or not, the principle is exactly the same - router connected to Ethernet connection in Desktop PC, laptop wireless to router.

  mahalia 16:36 09 Feb 2008

If I got a 'G' type modem router, would I also HAVE to get a 'G' type PCMCIA card or would an 'N' type still work??

OK I'll shut up now for a bit,

  Technotiger 16:41 09 Feb 2008

Any 802.11G router, I don't have a personal preference, they all do the same job - but I am not an expert, just a user, though I have used several different types. I prefer the one I have now, the BT Homehub.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 09 Feb 2008

"Is it possible to a) Hard-wire WiFi modem/router into back of PC then b) install dongle/or PC Adapter in lappy"

Yes this is how my machines are set up.

Netgear or Linksys are the most popular
click here

"I can only have BB connection of 512 anyway"
are you on BB or Dialup?

Setup instructions click here

  Technotiger 16:44 09 Feb 2008

This kit would do it for you ... click here

  Technotiger 16:46 09 Feb 2008

I should have added - if you are a PlusNet customer.

But it will give you more idea of the setup.

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