Lack Of Space On C Drive

  jimmyflood 10:27 10 Aug 2006

I Have Ran Out Of Space On My C Drive, Where I Keep All Of My Programs. Disk Defragmenter Says It Can No Longer Work Correctly Because The Space Left Is Under 15%. I Have A Partitioned D Drive, Which I Have Masses Of Space Left. My Dilema Is How Do I Move The Partition To Give More Space To The C Drive? Ps, I Am Running XP Home.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:42 10 Aug 2006

It will depend on what is on C drive.

If you have a lot of data files, eg my documents, move that to D drive.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:43 10 Aug 2006

If you get something like partition magic you can merge the two partitions.

  jimmyflood 14:39 10 Aug 2006

If I Move These Files To Drive D, Will It Not Cause Problems With Programs Which Look In My Documents For Data, Ie Photo Programs Such As Picasa?

Is There No Bundled Software With XP That Can Move Partitions?

  xania 15:17 10 Aug 2006

You can also amend 'My Documents' to look at your D:\ partition. Move your cursor to point at the icon on your desktop and right click. Select properties then amend. I always recommend using a separate partition for data as it simplifies the process of data backup. You should also use your D:\ drive to store a backup of your e-mails and address book so that this too would be backed-up.

  Shortstop 15:40 10 Aug 2006

This will move programs from C to D, if you want to do that. It also amends the registry and the path for all your shortcuts, etc.

I used this some time ago without any problems - I THINK that you are allowed to move something like 10 applications before you have to pay for it.



  Shortstop 15:40 10 Aug 2006
  Shortstop 15:53 10 Aug 2006

use the software advised click here
to identify large space users so that you are actually moving files that will benefit you!


  Batch 16:39 10 Aug 2006

Personally, I wouldn't move programs to another drive as too much software works in non-stanard ways and may run into problems.

The main thing to move is your own data. Typically this will consist of "My Documents", emails and address book.

To move My Documents, right click the My Documents folder and click on Properties - it should be self explanatory from there. All programs that access files in My Documents should automatically follow the changed path.

To move emails (assuming you are using Outlook Express), on Tools menu, select Options, then click on the Maintenance Tab and then click on Store Folder button - again it should be self explanatory from there.

To move address book, see click here.

If you have any data elsewhere (e.g. outside my documents) you will probably need to move this manually and take appropriate action with any programs. AN example is where Windows Media Player copies files to (e.g. off CDs) - you'll need to go into the WMP -> Tools -> Options -> Rip Music and change accordingly.

Having done that, you can back up software (OS and programs) and data separately.

  woodchip 16:48 10 Aug 2006

One way you could get some breathing space, is turn System Restore off to clear all the Backup points then do the settings for C:\ drive just to use 7% drive space after turnning it back on. Turn it off for for all other partitions you do not need it for any other than the OS Partition

  cycoze 16:53 10 Aug 2006

i would right click on C drive and perform disk cleanup, put a tick in "temporary internet files" and "temporary files" files and then click on "ok", this should get rid of some rubbish.

next, go into control panel and select "add/remove programs" (you can access it also by clicking on disk cleanup and selecting the more options tab), have a look for any programs that are installed that you never use or need and uninstall them.

go through your own files and folders and delete anything thats unwanted or duplicated, most people would probably find plenty of items.

hopefully by now you will have re-gained a bit of drive space back.

regarding your own files, you can move your images, music etc over to the slave drive safely, when you want to view images or listen to music yes you will need to browse to the new folders first time round but thats no real hardship or particularly difficult, leave program created specific files where they are as moving them might possibly cause problems.

hopefully by now you will have re-gained a lot more of drive space back.

after doing the above consider downloading and installing something like CleanUp click here for future use.

after all of this run Disk Defragmenter.

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