lack of resources

  jcdel 09:38 31 Jul 2006

I have recently installed Photo Show on my PC and it is causing chaos.Early into the programme,(creating a slideshow) and it stops dead.I get no response other than from Ctrl/Alt/Del.At this point I get"Dangerously low on resources".Problem is, I am not an expert.I am currently using about a third of my available drive.OS is ME(Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh).Should I remove some programmes in order to rectify the problem.

  johndrew 14:46 31 Jul 2006

Sounds very much as if you have insufficient memory/disk space, but without more detail of your PC (how much memory/size of HDD and space remaining etc) it is going to be difficult to make any meaningful suggestion.

  jcdel 20:37 31 Jul 2006

thanks for that johndrew.It is an Evesham Axis 1333(2002 vintage).Athlon processor.It is showing 49% free and 256.OMB Ram.It also says Virtual Memory-32bit.If I just use the PC normally,I don't have a problem(although I have removed Page Plus 11 and Photo Plus 10) These worked fine and never created a problem.Still trying to find size of HDD.
Regards John

  johndrew 09:51 01 Aug 2006

You may well be a bit low on RAM. 256MB is a bit tight if you have a number of different bits of software running and your virtual memory either off or set low.
You seem to be OK on HDD space but it does depend on drive size. Open `My Computer` right click on the drive icon select `Properties` you will get a pie chart of the drive with 3 figures in GB for used, avalailabe and drive size.

  woodchip 10:10 01 Aug 2006

Double click on My Computer right click on drive\Properties for size and how much free space. You could also run Scandisk and Defrag

  FelixTCat 10:55 01 Aug 2006


Resources in this case means a thing called stacks. Early versions of windows used 3 stacks as part of normal operations to deal with interrupts, icons and all sorts of other things. They are all of a finite size and, if they get full, you get the error message you saw.

The only immediate solution is a reboot to reset the stacks.

The problem is caused by either running too much software at once or, more usually, a badly written piece of software that doesn't clean up properly after itself when closed.

If it only seems to occur when or after running one particular piece of software, you have probably found your culprit.

Increasing hard disk space or system memory will not make a difference to this problem.



  jcdel 11:29 01 Aug 2006

Many thanks everybody.

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