Lack of important information

  Night Ryder 00:10 30 Aug 2004

This is something that is so quick and easy to include with postings but so many people forget.
It wasts so much time as you have to ask the question, "What OP system are you using" and wait for the reply. Perhaps this subject has been posted in the past .. I'm not sure. But come on guys (and you know who you are), when posing a question to the forum could you please let us have a clue as to what OP system you are using. Any one else got gripes about this?

  User-312386 00:32 30 Aug 2004

yes this has been covered a few times

However, if someone is new to the forum, then they dont know what to post if they have a problem

I do agree with you in principal, don't get me wrong, but there are members who do not know what to say etc etc

  Dan the Confused 05:47 30 Aug 2004

Bring back tar and feathering!

  Dorsai 06:13 30 Aug 2004

I agree with you both. Yes it would help, but if they are new, then they dont know what might be helpful...Do i need to say that i have Xp, and do i also need to say that i have a silver surround on my TFT screen, or not?

It might help if the 'start new thread' screen had a few extra boxes. Just one or two, and optional, but with nothing to say the were optional, but it said, please fill in as many boxes as you can, if you don't know, leave it blank. these might ask 'what OS, what size HDD, etc...

and then the stuff typed into these extara boxes just got included at the top of the new thread, above the text typed in my the bod asking.

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