Lacie hard drive - losing data + format problems

  tij303 22:31 29 Jan 2005

Hi have a 160G usb2 external Lacie drive that I bought for music/pics - it seems to internittently lose data (whilst still showing the drive space as in use i.e onlt 120 gig available) and more worryingly makes quite large 'grrrrr' noises and keeps coming up with the message that the drive is not formatted do I want to do it now ? Obviously I then lose any data and it is impossible to finally delete the orginal files off my main PC hard drive. There are other issues such as it often wont let me delete files and often other 'system' files seem to appear (cant remember their name).
I run XP on SP2 and have tried reformatting the ext drive in NTFS and FAT using different sized partitions but the problems reoccurr. I have contacted the supplier to return it as I simply cant rely on it (it was intended really as a server to my wireless media box). However I keep thinking maybe I am doing something wrong (p.s I also ensure that it is 'removed safely' when turning off.) It is my first post so be gentle !

  tij303 11:51 30 Jan 2005

Anyone any idea ? - been searching the threads with no gain

  Completealias 11:54 30 Jan 2005

Sounds like a duff drive to me click here for hard drive dianostics and ultilitys but I reckon your prob best to get a new one from the manufacturer. You could also try running a scandisk on the drive check it for bad sectors

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 30 Jan 2005

If it has started to make unusual noises then get it replaced.

  tij303 14:01 30 Jan 2005

Thanks for both replies - my feeling is that there is something wrong but the terms and conditions of the return mean I dont want to send it unecessarily. The most telling example of a fault for me is the fact that my media folder software will not accept file associations with it no matter what I do, but works fine on my main drive. This renders it useless as additional storage.

  kinger 22:30 07 Jun 2005

I'm on my FIFTH replacement. I really don't trust LaCie drives anymore.

  Completealias 02:33 08 Jun 2005

don't blame ya mate sounds well bad to me. Is there any way that you could get your money back and buy a drive from a different manufacturer

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