Label template - none standard sizes

  Trenny 09:56 11 Sep 2012

Can someone suggest where I can find a label template for A4 pages containing 32 labels of 45mm x 34mm and also 84 labels of 46mm x 10mm? I don't think that either has an Avery code, nor appears to be on the Avery site.

I have tried AAD032 and AAD084 from But they have black lines around each label which I cannot remove. (see Previous post).

I use M/s word 2007 and Vista.

Any help appreciated.

  Woolwell 10:36 11 Sep 2012

Suggest that you create your own.

In Word 2007 - Mailings tab - Labels - then select options - then new label. Get a ruler and measure your labels and then input the dimensions. Give it a relevant name and do a trial print.

  chub_tor 10:43 11 Sep 2012

The closest I can come up with is GLD032 and GLD084 from Green Labels Click Here

  chub_tor 10:45 11 Sep 2012

Looks as if it has had a name change since I last bought from them, it is now Toners Express but the link I sent still works.

  Trenny 13:53 11 Sep 2012

Yes, Woolwell, i think I'll have to. Thanks for starting me off.

chub_tor, I don't think that this page has templates - or have I missed something?

I'll close this thread as I am away for a few days, but feel free to add comments, if you wish.

  lotvic 13:57 11 Sep 2012

Previous thread

No wonder suggestions in this thread and your others have not worked.

The 'templates' you got AAD032 has not been made as a table. It is an ordinary Word.doc and has been made using 'Format', 'text boxes' with a rounded rectangle edge, fill colour white, and have a line around them.

The first thing to do is to make copy of the AAD032.doc and keep the original safe, always work with the copy you have made.

To remove the lines you will have to do them individually by clicking inside one then: On the Ribbon, 'Format' tab, 'Text Box Styles' section, 'Shape Outline', and choose 'No Outline'

I suggest you do all your typing in boxes before you remove the lines as you will not be able to see clearly where each text box is after the lines have gone.

Tip: On a plain A4 sheet do a test print of boxes with the lines round them and hold it up against the sheet of labels to make sure your text will fall inside the actual label sheet.

(Note the difference between a label template made using a table and a word doc using Text boxes)

  chub_tor 14:49 11 Sep 2012

My apologies, I thought that you were looking for labels and not templates, must read more carefully in future.

  Trenny 15:11 11 Sep 2012

Success, Lotvic! It worked. To select multiple boxes, one has to press ctl and select each box border seperately.

As you say, type in the label first, then remove, as the outline is not shown as it is in the Avery templates. Using the HOME>show paragraph marks option they show up.

Problem solved. Many thanks.

  lotvic 18:31 11 Sep 2012

Glad that worked okay, it was certainly a puzzle, and thanks for the extra tips on selecting etc :)

Avery templates are made using Table and the lines you see in those are 'gridlines' and do not print out. (to print lines round each cell you have to put borders round as per my response in other thread)

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