Label Printing with MS Word 2002

  Markus 12:09 15 Jun 2003

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong.

I am trying to print a full sheet of labels using the above prog with Windows XP Home Ed. I have tried using the listed templates and custom settings but am unable to get the printing to line up with the labels. I have checked everything several times and all appears to be correct.

I have uninstalled Word twice and reinstalled with the same result. I have tried updating and repairing with no change. I unistalled Works Suite and reinstalled ,same result. I have used the Word 2002 support template, same result. I contacted the supplier of the software and met with a brick wall, absolutely no help what so ever.I was told that it was nothing to do with the software it is a training problem and they were not prepared to help.

I believe that there may be a conflict with Word 2002 and MS Office.

As a last resort I installed Works Suite 2003 on another machine using Windows 98SE. Everything worked as it should. no problem printing labels. I am not able to continue using the software on this machine because of MS restrictions on multiple use.I know that I can use my other PC but this problem is annoying and should not be occurring on a piece of new software. Any help would be welome.

  jazzypop 12:32 15 Jun 2003

OK, you have told us of your frustration, but not the details of your problem :)

Can you provide the following information please?

1. Which template you are trying to use.

2. Which size labels you are using (the Avery code will be fine)

3. Which printer you are using

4. The size of the top, bottom left and right margins on the page setup dialogue box (once the template is loaded)

5. Whether the misalignment is horizontal, vertical, or both

6. Whether your printer default paper size is set to A4 or Legal (in Start > Printers & Faxes > Properties)

7. Whether you have WorksSuite or Office installed (or both), and which versions

  -pops- 12:42 15 Jun 2003

assuming you are using Avery labels or Avery size labels, download the Avery wizard click here

This will remove all your label making problems.


  Markus 16:14 15 Jun 2003

Thanks to your quick response. To answer your questions.

1.I have used a variety of templates both custom and branded. All dimensions and positioning appears correct on the template in use but fail to print in the correct position.

2. A typical label type is Avery J8163

3. My printer is an Epson Color 740 and has never given cause for concern.

4. As I said above all of the sizes appear correct.

5. The misalignment is vertical with the whole page being shortened. i.e. Only the last 2 lines of an address appear on the bottom label. The printing is complete with only the vertical spacing being incorrect.
6. The printer paper size is set correctly to A4.

7. I am useing Works Suite 2003 purchased at the end of January 2003. I have been trying to get this print set up to work correctly since then. The software works without a problem with Windows 98SE. I have now reverted back to Works Suite 2001 on my other PC due to the EULA regs.

I have downloaded the Template but have not had time to try it out yet. My PC did not like me attempting to install the template but it is in not so I have my fingers crossed that it works.
I shall be away from home for a few days so may have to wait until next weekend before trying it out.

Many thanks for your help with this matter. If it does not work this time I will forget about doing label on this PC.

  Markus 16:17 15 Jun 2003

Sorry, It should read 'the template is installed now.'

  -pops- 17:44 15 Jun 2003

I really meant the Avery Wizard, not the templates.

Anyway, if that works for you, that's fine.


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