Label Printing.

  Raywood 11:34 16 Jan 2004

I am trying to print multiple labels in Microsoft Access. The microsoft article Q231801 provides half the answer. I am trying to change the code so that the number of label copies is read from a table record. So one record will be printed 5 times (for example) and the next record is printed 8 times. I am making ajustments to the line reading:

"LabelCopies& = Val(InputBox$("Enter Number of Copies to Print"))" Instead of the Inputbox$ I have put the table reference. It doesn't like this. Where am I going wrong?

  stlucia 11:47 16 Jan 2004

If you're putting "LabelCopies& = Val(a6)" or something like that, I believe the data in cell a6 must be a valid string expression. So, if the data in cell a6 is already a number, I don't think you need to use the Val() function.

  Raywood 14:02 16 Jan 2004

I am using the following modification: "LabelCopies& = Val([OrderDetails]![Qty])" It always points out "[OrderDetails]![Qty]" as causing the problem.

  stlucia 14:27 16 Jan 2004

If the cell referenced [Qty] is already formatted as a number, I think you don't need the Val outside the brackets.

  Raywood 10:01 17 Jan 2004

I have tried taking out the Val() part still gives me the message:

Compile Error: External name not defined. Clicking help here any gives me a blank window entitled Microsoft Visual Basic Help.

  Raywood 13:43 17 Jan 2004


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