La Fonera+ & Cable Broadband [Set Top Box]

  busybaz 12:27 08 Feb 2008

WiFi networking total novice here, be gentle with me!

Recived my free La Fonera+ WiFi Router but cannot detect network when all connected. Tried inputting IP address etc manually but come unstuck at Port Forwarding.

Am trying to set up with a non-wifi desktop so that wifi access available for laptops.

OS is Windows 2000 Pro SP4. Broadband is via NTL Samsung Set Top TV Box [Virgin Media], USB adapter at PC end of ethernet cable plugged into PC USB port. Network adapter is EZ Connect USB To Dual Speed Ethernet Converter. [ZoneAlarm Firewall in use if that could be a factor]

Anyone successfully managed to connect with this set up?

  harry12 18:36 09 Feb 2008

If your broadband is from NTL cable the router will not work. I believe it's only for phone lines.

  busybaz 08:55 10 Feb 2008

Perfect answer, harry12, many thanks. Broadband IS cable.

Hope other PCA recipients of the free gift/people thinking of subscribing for the free gift that have cable read this thread and save a lot of headaches!!!!

  conan_troutman 02:13 11 Feb 2008

the Lafonera+ works just fine with a cable connection...just ensure your modem has an earthnet connection from it to you pc...just unconnect the earthent cable and connect the la fonera+ to the modem via the WAN port then connect the remaining earthnet port to the pc connect the power supply count to thirty and boot up the should be up and running connecting the WIFI laptops is pretty much the same as any other router aslong as you know your SSID ( the defualt is FON_MYPLACE) and your password is the serial number printed under the router.

it will not work with a modem that uses a USB connection as they decided not to add this to the FON router for some strange reasoj as it was on the prototype...although I do not know if it was to connect to the inter with or to allow you to connect a device such as a printer or storage device to be shared by all on your network

  conan_troutman 02:19 11 Feb 2008

my La fonera+ is connected to my existing router...I have my own secure network a private network for friends and family to connect to with allowing them access to my own home network and can still offer the public a third network for them to play with...this is a great piece of kit its just a shame we didn't get the fontenna with it too....I am also curious as to what would happen if I added a few extra fon routers to my network would I end up with several network SSIDs or could I get it to clone one thus ext4eding the range much further

  RickyC :-) 10:19 11 Feb 2008

The Fon certainly works with Virgin cable, I have this running myself. However, your cable modem (which in my house is a separate unit to my TV set top box) should be connected to the Fon. I'm wondering whether Windows 2000 is the issue here. I don't see why it would be, but I've asked our contacts at Fonera to take a look at this thread.
Follow conan_troutman's suggestions above - and I'll post back here when I hear from Fonera.

Cover Disc Editor

  busybaz 12:15 11 Feb 2008

Thanks, conan_troutman, two issues here I think.

1. I do not have a separate cable modem. Setup was:

Ethernet port on NTL Set Top Box connected to La Fonera+.
Ethernet cable [normally connected to Set Top Box] from La Fonera+ to PC.

2. Connection at PC is not via ethernet port - the ethernet cable has a USB converter attached and is connected to PC USB port.

I understand La Fonera+ will not work as you say, "with a modem that uses a USB connection", but doesn't the fact that it is only a USB converter still make this an ethernet connection?

  RickyC :-) 12:53 11 Feb 2008

I'm wondering - Is the NTL Samsung Set Top TV Box used for phone and broadband - or just for TV services? When I installed the FON, I simply plugged the FON router into my (Telewest) cable modem box (which plugs into the external box), re-booted the cable modem, and my PC discovered the wireless network on the next restart.

I have a separate set-top box for cable TV (which also plugs into the box at the wall), and my landline phone plugs into another, separate socket, in the Telewest box on the wall.

It sounds like your setup is quite different to mine - I'll see whether FON are able to help at all.


  conan_troutman 23:19 11 Feb 2008

you could try borrowing a laptop with earthnet cable and a wifi connection set up the connection via the wired connection check that it works then connect via wifi check that that works too,

if both work you could simply invest in a wifi usb adaptewr for the pc and connect wirelessly.

  busybaz 12:29 12 Feb 2008

OK Richard,I'll try again to describe my set up as was....

1.External cable feed goes directly to the set top box, set top box is for TV and broadband [there is a totally separate feed for telephone].
2. Set top box has ethernet port, ethernet cable connected to this port and run to PC.
3. The PC end of the ethernet cable then has a USB adapter attached to it and is plugged into PC USB port - this is the permanent broadband connection.

HOWEVER - see next post.

  busybaz 12:38 12 Feb 2008

Given the concerns re: USB, I decided to change to complete ethernet, as per click here
This then required me to "register change of connection method using the registration site", as my PC was seen as a new entity not recognised by the ISP server. Having registered the change, it then took several hours for the server to update and for my connection to be restored.

And I still get "no network" response when La Fonera+ is set up!!!!!

I do, however, notice in the router status screen, different IP address info to the details I obtain from running ipconfig /all at a command prompt. Could this be an indication of the problem? Is the slow server update time a factor?
Should I just bin the router? Will Batman escape?
[Think I'm losing it now!!!!!]

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