KVM Switching Problem Belkin USB F1DK102U

  tell_boy 14:50 21 Aug 2006

I have Windows XP SP2 on both Computers. Checked Mouse Drivers, Keyboard Drivers, No Hibernate, No Standby No screensavers .
The fault I get is after about 15 minutes when Pressing the button it switches over to the second computer but then immediately jumps straight back. After that it leaves the other computer unavailable and I can only switch it off with the button on the front of the PC

  Spark6 15:56 21 Aug 2006

I have a similar set-up to yours using a Linskys KVM2KIT KVM 2-Port Switch.

When I experienced exactly the same symptoms I suspected the new Microsoft keyboard I was using, no problems earlier with my original keyboard. The Linskys unit requires the scroll lock key to be pressed twice to change over machines.

Interchanging keyboards made no difference, I then disconnected the KVM and proved both machines separately. Re-connected the KVM and, touch wood, no problems since. As I had checked all connections previously I'm still at a loss to explain what the 'cure' was!

Good luck

  Spark6 15:59 21 Aug 2006


Belkin's kit usually comes with a lifetime guarantee so if all else fails .......

  tell_boy 16:11 21 Aug 2006

Thanks for that . I am using a Microsoft Digital Keyboard with hot keys assigned to open programs. They only work on the primary computer.
I wonder if that could be it. I will try a plain DELL keyboard for a while. Scroll lock x2 in 2 seconds works on the Belkin KVM as well. It sounds very similar.
Do you boot up both PC's at the same time and find that the same one is the primary PC ?
Swapping between machines reverses this on mine.
I have a Tech Support Issue but no reply in over a week.
I have a feeling that if I do a RMA with Belkin. The replacement would be the same !

  Spark6 16:44 21 Aug 2006

The 'primary' PC is usually the first one powered up if I remember correctly. My keyboard is MS Part No X09-71800 and the hot keys work on both machines.

As the second machine is used mainly as a back-up it does not get used as regularly as the main one.

Hope this helps, I'll check the details in the first paragraph later.

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