KVM Switch for 1 PC with USB and 1 pc with PS2?

  DarkKman 17:06 12 Jun 2008


I have 1 x Laptop which uses:
USB Keyboard
USN Mouse
VGA Output to Monitor

I have 1 x Desktop which uses:
PS2 Keyboard
PS2 Mouse
DVI Output to Monitor

The monitor is shared by use of a "Switch Input" button on the monitor itself but I would like to use one keyboard and mouse for both Laptop and Desktop. I would like to use the PS2 keyboard and mouse (as they are the most comfortable to use) so I am looking for a KVM-type switch that could take my PS2 Keyboard/Mouse and output to both PS2 connections AND USB connections.

I have seen things that have PS2 and USB switches but not one's that would suit the situation explained above... I would rather not go down the sofwtware route as there always seems to be a slight latency as they rely on Network and basically Remote to the other monitor... If there is decent software that doesn't suffer from any latency then I would consider that also.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help or offer any suggeestions... :)

  GaT7 22:10 12 Jun 2008

If you're saying your laptop only has USB connectors to connect a keyboard & mouse to....

Then if using a PS2-only VGA KVM switch (KVM-S), get a dual PS2 (female) to USB (male) adaptor - e.g. click here - to connect the KVM-S' keyboard+mouse cables to the laptop.

The thing I'm not too sure about, is whether his will work with only keyboard+mouse connected to both systems via a regular KVM-S - i.e. without the KVM-S having to switch displays as well. If it doesn't, one way to get around this may be to operate both systems from the KVM-S as well, with the KVM-S connected to monitor via VGA. But this setup will lose DVI on desktop in the process. Using a DVI KVM-S with an appropriate DVI-VGA adaptor for the laptop may solve this issue. G

  DarkKman 23:22 12 Jun 2008

Thanks for that... I hadn't thought about using a USB/PS" converter. I think that should do the trick. DVI KVM-S seem a little more pricey but I think that might be the option to go for if the switches MUST switch the video output too. Thanks Again... :)

  DarkKman 23:23 12 Jun 2008

I wonder if anyone knows if when using a KVM-S whether the VIDEO output would switch?

  ambra4 03:01 13 Jun 2008

Yes on the one I use the keyboard, mouse, Video, sound all switch by double clicking the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard

  DarkKman 13:12 13 Jun 2008

Thanks ambra4... Looks like I need to go for the DVI-VGA converter too then. Much appreciated all... Very very helpful folk here :)

  GaT7 17:14 13 Jun 2008

Just a query about the DVI-VGA connector - you need it to connect what to what please? G

  DarkKman 11:05 14 Jun 2008

I think the idea now is that I get a DVI KVM Switch (PS2) and a PS2/USB converter for the laptop keyboard and mouse. The DVI-VGA would go from laptop to KVM switch (converting VGA out to DVI in) and then connect the DVI from the KVM to my monitor. You think I could have a problen here?

  GaT7 14:20 14 Jun 2008

The reason I asked is because it may not be that straightforward....

For the laptop, you'll need another adaptor to convert the KVM-S' DVI cable adaptor to VGA - something like click here may be?? I'm not too sure.

I'm starting to have my doubts about the PS2/USB converter I linked to in my last post. DVI KVM cables - these ones click here anyway, seem to have FEMALE PS2 connectors?! I've a PS2 VGA KVM-S & ALL the PS2 cables end in a MALE connector - in this case the PS2/USB converter would work.

The pic in the above link may be wrong (or I'm missing something!), but before you purchase a DVI KVM-S try to determine if:

- the CABLEs you'll be getting have the correct genders to match your particular setup in every way

OR, failing which...

- you CAN get ALL the correct & working adaptors/convertors if they do not match.

All the best & let us know how it goes :-), G

  ambra4 14:43 14 Jun 2008

Base on your posting you need a KVM with a DVI monitor input & output for the main computer

and a VGA input with a USB input connector for the laptop

Look at this one keyboard and mouse is via USB or PS2 with DVI input from the main computer

and output to the monitor

For the laptop video out you will need a VGA to DVI converter

click here

  GaT7 17:21 14 Jun 2008

Nice find ambra4 :-), I may go or one myself!

The full specs & connections can be found at the manufacturer's excellent


click here.

If going for the above, you'll need the following as well for your setup:

1. A dual PS2-USB adaptor (that I linked to initially), to connect your MALE PS2 keyboard/mouse cables to ONE of the FEMALE USB console ports on the KVM

2. A DVI-female to VGA-male adaptor - e.g. click here* for your laptop (note that these are different compared to the more common DVI-male to VGA-female ones)


*This is cheaper than the previous one I linked to

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