Kubuntu CD problem

  Digital 20:06 28 Aug 2008

As a complete newcomer to Linux with everything to learn, I've installed Kubuntu on another PC. Now I want to load some drivers &c from a CD. Putting the CD in produces no response, unlike with Windows. Can anyone tell me how to load from the CD please?

  skidzy 20:16 28 Aug 2008

Im not really clued up with Linux but do use PCLinux 2008 (LOS) now and again on a test machine.

Played with Kubuntu for a little while and could not get along with it.

LOS has plenty of drivers within itself,and maybe better for you.

What drivers are you trying to load ?

There is a bunch of Linux experts that will help you further,lookout for Lastchip and Octal to mention two of the bunch.

Just curious,is it a wireless card driver you are trying to install ?

  LastChip 01:52 29 Aug 2008

First things first. Don't attempt to use Windows drivers in Linux. There are one or two specific exceptions to that, more about that if needed.

Linux and Windows (in terms of how they work) are two completely different animals and must be treated as such.

If you could be a little more specific in what you are trying to achieve, no doubt one of us may be able to help.

  Digital 15:58 30 Aug 2008

Thanks both of you. No, it's not a wireless card skidzy; I suppose I phrased my query badly, what I want to do is to install Linux versions of Thunderbird & Firefox (which I have on a CD) & install a Sagem usb broadband modem. Plugging the modem in doesn't get any response at all. I'm reasonably technically minded & while I don't expect Linux to work or look like Windows I thought it would be more intuitive than this distro is. Any help would be appreciated. Is their a more friendly/helpful distro than Kunbuntu perhaps?

  skidzy 17:34 30 Aug 2008

"Is their a more friendly/helpful distro than Kunbuntu perhaps? "

In my opinion,yes - PCLinuxOS 2007 = LOS

This has Firefox and i believe Thunderbird,i have LOS on my test machine dual booting with xp pro,though i do not use it much (LOS).

I thought maybe wrongly,that Kubuntu has Firefox and thunderbird in your repository list it does have Firefox for sure in LOS.

Have you tried running from a live cd first,i would recommend this even to just get a feel for the distro.

For what its worth,have a look at a thread i started some time ago regarding LOS,some great tips and links from the Linux specialists.click here

  LastChip 19:39 30 Aug 2008

I think you'll find, Kubuntu uses the Adept package manager.

Open it up, (you will require your password) and simply scroll down (or do a search) to Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thnderbird. Mark each one for installation, click apply and let Adept work it's magic.

That's all there is to it!

  LastChip 20:02 30 Aug 2008

Are you saying you have no Internet connection in Kubuntu?

If so, USB modems are notoriously finicky to get to work in Linux and in all honesty, it's not really an option for new users. Even with a fair amount of knowledge, it's still not easy. It's not actually the fault of Linux, it's simply manufacturers have not seen fit to write Linux drivers for their devices. Without a doubt, a modem/router is the best option.

Alternatively, you could run Kubuntu in a Virtual Machine I'm trying VirtualBox (available via download from Sun Microsystems) at the moment and it seems to work well.

But given your problem, it would have to be run in Windows and then you would run any Linux distros in the VirtualBox, which would pick up your existing network connection.

If it were me, as modem/routers are so cheap now, I would take that option. It also gives you the option to run machines simultaneously on the Internet.

  Digital 19:36 31 Aug 2008

Thanks again both of you. I'm ploughing my way through the Howtoforge instructions & that Forum thread, should be done by 2010! It'll keep my grey cells active a bit longer hopefully.

However, despite a good download & installation, the boot fails for a missing file but the message doesn't last long enough to read! The ISO file I downloaded is pclinux-2007, is there a recommended site to get this file from (can't recall where I got this) or a newer version?

  LastChip 20:03 31 Aug 2008

may work better for you.

click here for a list of mirrors.

Please be aware you will end up with an iso file and this has to be burnt as such. Nero and suchlike, have special burning programs just for this purpose.

If you get in trouble with it, email me via my yellow envelope and providing you don't mind giving me your address, I'll run a copy off for you and send it to you.

I use PCLinuxOS very successfully on my Acer laptop.

  LastChip 20:06 31 Aug 2008

click here for an article I wrote a while back detailing the installation process.

You may find some other stuff for new Linux users on the site that may also be useful.

  skidzy 20:13 31 Aug 2008

Imgburn to burn the LOS iso click here and the Dutch mirror from Lastchip's link seems to work best for me.

Also make sure your bios is set to boot from cd as opposed to hdd and restart the computer with the Los disc in the drive.

Hi Lastchip,been a while :-))

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