KRAKKKK and mains fuse blown - what next?

  Catastrophe 08:48 11 Feb 2009

Had some trouble getting keyboards working and was changing USB keyboards with power on. Should be no problem. Side panel off but not aware of actually touching anything when there was a krakkk sound and the relevant house fuse blew obviously taking out a few other appliances. There was no burning smell or discolouration.

I disconnected the PC and fixed the fuse and all else worked OK. I have disconnected HDDs RAM etc. and reconnected PC. Dead. No fans working no M/B lights. Is this likely to be the PSU? Are there any do's or don't's whereby I might damage anything by fitting a spare PSU?

Any assistance gratefully received.


  Catastrophe 08:54 11 Feb 2009


Just tried again. Had not pushed front button. It has booted into XP!!!

What is happening. It blew fuse once. Why? How? Will it happen again?

Is there a potential short waiting to repeat? Any ideas please?

  crosstrainer 08:56 11 Feb 2009

A stab in the dark:

Replace the power cord to the PC. it could have split inside, causing an intermittent short. Don't delay, and don't use the PC til you have changed the cable.

  Catastrophe 09:19 11 Feb 2009


Many thanks for that idea. Have implemented it and switched on again. All fine.

Actually I did swith on and off twice to reconnect more bits and all was OK but I might just have been lucky. It may be relevant that I coiled up and taped the lead yesterday. Maybe I brought together a split which only sometimes connects. Anyway I have plenty of leads so to retire this one won't cause any problems.

Thank you for the input.


  Spark6 09:34 11 Feb 2009

What size fuse was in the computer main lead/ and or the extension lead? If it was 3 or 5 amp I would expect it to blow before the main 30 amp fuse or 32 amp circuit breaker! Well worth checking.

  Catastrophe 09:53 11 Feb 2009


Have just checked and it is a 13 Amp (in the lead) which has been there since I bought whatever it was used to connect (PC?).

By the way it (mains) is actually a main contact breaker not a fuse. I don't know the ampage of the main circuit breaker. Is 32 amp universal?

Thank you for your input.

  Spark6 12:26 11 Feb 2009

A 3 amp fuse is ample for your computer lead. Providing your circuit breaker is protecting a ring main, ie more than 2 socket outlets, it should be 32 amp. The rating of the breaker should be clearly seen on the front of the breaker. HTH.

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