kenneth-204108 16:12 19 Sep 2006

I am currently paying a company called RN *R1 SUPERPSS EU £8.50 a month.
I do not recall agreeing this payment and tried to complain to the company,via their website, and cancel the payment. I have 2or3 e-mail addresses with the same name, which I use.
The response I get, is they do not have ny name on their register.
I know this is an unusual request, but if anyone can help me, I will be most grateful.
Many Thanks,

  sean-278262 16:14 19 Sep 2006

Contact your credit card company it sounds like some sort of seedy website and usually what happens when peoples card numbers have gotten out and are used for fraud.

  kenneth-204108 16:56 19 Sep 2006

Thank you for your response.
I went to the bank this morning and they said that they could not cancel it, I would have to do this myself, "because I had contacted that company and they could not do any thing about it".
It appears to me that this payment will "run forever", and I will have to keep paying.
Thank you for responding,

  kenneth-204108 14:34 20 Sep 2006

I am pursuing all your advice and comments,
Many Thanks

  skidzy 14:47 20 Sep 2006

"It appears to me that this payment will "run forever", and I will have to keep paying."

Not at all,if Direct debit..cancel it online.And if indeed by Credit card,cancel this too and order another.
This would be my way if the problem persists.

  kenneth-204108 10:00 21 Sep 2006

Thank you for your help in resolving my problem
Kind Regards,

  96Shep 10:34 05 Oct 2006

I have had the exact same problem. How did you fix yours?

  skidzy 19:15 05 Oct 2006

if you have online banking,cancel the mandate or if you are paying by your credit card...cancel the card and order another.

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago,and solved the issue by canceling the direct debit mandate.

  Greengage 19:26 05 Oct 2006

I do not think that merely cancelling the credit card will overcome the problem. If you are signed up to a credit card direct debit in some way, the debits will continue to flow and whilst you think that the account relating to the card is closed, the credit card company will possibly re-open it to let the debits through.

  dropthepilot 17:42 17 Oct 2006

The 'RN *R1 SUPERPSS EU' belongs to RealNetworks RealPlayer 1 with Superpass.

The only ways to cancel it are:

1. Login to your RealNetworks account via click here. Then navigate your way through your account to the SuperPass subscription and cancel it. If hey take any monies from your account after you have cancelled it (i.e. in one month's time) you'll be entitled to an immediate refund from your bank or maybe having Real done for fraud.

2. The other way is to cancel your credit/debit card and request a new one from your bank/etc. Long-winded way, I know, but I would try the option above first before going through this drastic 2nd option.

RealNetworks hope that you forget about SuperPass when you download RealPlayer (as it comes part & parcel for a short time). If you don't cancel within 14 days of downloading the software, you're giving them your authority to debit your account. They also confuse matters by not making it clear on your credit/debit card statement what the withdrawal is actually for. If they had put 'RealPlayer SuperPass Subscription', I'm sure you would've cancelled it immediately & not lost any more money from your account (btw - have just checked the website and the subscription is now up to £11.99/month).

The old addage in this situation applies once again..... BUYER BEWARE!!

  emlaustin 12:50 08 Sep 2010

I cancelled my card and got a new one and they are still taking my money out.

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