""kodak software updater.exe"" can't instal soft..

  AnthonyB 15:29 25 Feb 2005


I have/had kodak shareware on my pc, but I uninstalled it (general computer clean etc), then I tried to install it back. However, when I put the CD in I get::

""""kodak software updater.exe)lacks a '_' (the app Id seperator)"""

I've done quite a lot to get my system right to install this, including a Windows system resore from 10 days ago - which prompted me to update my virus AVG/other software (obviously), but I still got this PROMTP on the screen as soon as the PC started up - and still do. Can anyone help?

The Software is for a Kodak CX7330 camera, and it is version 4.0.

PC Specs, Windows XP Home, 512 RAM, 60 HD, 2.66 CPU etc (all the usuals)



  Totally-braindead 15:34 25 Feb 2005

Suggest you look at this click here and see if theres a known problem, I'll go have a look myself and post back if I find anything.

  Totally-braindead 15:35 25 Feb 2005

Could this be it? click here

  chris05 15:38 25 Feb 2005

Hi sounds like the uninstall did not clear evrything out of the registry try a registry cleaner such as system mechanic and give the registry a clean have a look in c:/program files for any kodak software left in their (assuming of course you have no other kodak software on your system) delete any entries their. Also check in msconfig for any startup items for kodak especially any auto update programs.

Hope this helps Chris:-)

  AnthonyB 16:36 25 Feb 2005

Cheers Totally-braindead, the "ESS4Clear" got rid of it, and ok now:). Didn't think Kodak had such utilities, so I didn'tbother going there.

Thanks once again, (second link was the key BTW)


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