Kodak Printer Problem?

  muddypaws 15:07 18 Feb 2012

XP Home SP3. Kodak ESP 5200 series AiO. 6 months old.

I went to print my weekly bank statement and it doesn't want to print any of the black print ie the transactions. Neither will it print emails from OE. Attempts to print other web pages has the same result.

I have re-booted the PC and the printer: un-installed the software with Revo advanced option and re-installed. I have removed and replaced the cartridges: cleaned the heads: re-alligned them and printed a test page which came out fine. I wondered if it was the FF 10.0.2 update that came yesterday, but it is the same in several browsers. I last used the printer 8 days ago so don't really want to restore to there. I have used up 5 hours so far!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  northumbria61 15:13 18 Feb 2012

Try choosing print preview from the file menu before printing or select save page as.

  muddypaws 16:13 18 Feb 2012


That's how I usually do it. This appears to be fairly common problem having searched google.

Normally resulting in a free new print head from Kodak.

Apparently it will print normally on photo paper--which I have just done. Why I don't know!

Can't contact Kodak till Monday. Thanks for your suggestion though.

  spuds 17:43 18 Feb 2012

Looks like you have done most things for a result. When you re-installed the software, did you use previous or latest version (if there is one) from the Kodak website. Might perhaps pay to have a look there?.

Otherwise it looks like trying Kodak on Monday!.

  muddypaws 18:08 18 Feb 2012

spuds Tried that. I have the latest already. Thanks.

  muddypaws 18:58 18 Feb 2012

Managed an on line chat with Kodak. Replacement head due next week. Impressed with their chat line. Will wait and see if problem is cured. Thanks for your help. Will resolve next week or whenever!

  muddypaws 10:20 23 Feb 2012

Replacement head just arrived. Five minutes to fit and problem solved.

  spuds 10:33 23 Feb 2012

Great result.

I wonder if the print heads could be saved, if cleaned with something like Iso-Propyl Alcohol. A method used on other print heads, when they become clogged or unworkable?.

  muddypaws 21:42 23 Feb 2012


I have still retained the habit of keeping broken bits--just in case.(:-)) Don't we all. I think the fault is in the head circuit contacts that detect the type of paper that is feeding through as it printed OK on photo paper.

When the new one fails I'll give the old one a once over.

Warrantee runs out in August on the printer.

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