Kodak memory card slot on pc

  phil2816 21:17 27 Dec 2006

hey, i put my kodak memory card in the slot and it seems to have deleted some of the pictures when i review them back on the camera!?..my pc doesnt allow me to even view the pics using the card slot!?please help thanks Phil

  Fellsider 22:19 27 Dec 2006

Did you get a message when you loaded the card in the PC? if so what.

  pimpers 03:27 28 Dec 2006

Have you tried to use the memory card while it is still in the camera and connected to the PC, does this work?

Are the pictures still on the card when viewed using the camera screen without connection to the PC?

My Kodak can be used without the memory card inserted so I can store pictures either on the card or the cameras memory internally. Could this be the case in your situation?


  phil2816 13:20 28 Dec 2006

Well the thing is, I tried using the usb connector but nothing happened so i gave up and stuck the card in my pc..the pictures are no longer on my camera..a few of them have gone and some have a blue screen and say'unrecognised file format'?! No messages appeared on my pc. Thanks for your help. Phil

  rodriguez 13:28 28 Dec 2006

Did you rotate any of them with the Windows Picture Viewer? This would cause it to rewrite the picture into the JFIF format which is the standard that the PC writes. Cameras write pictures in EXIF format and are really funny about which pictures they display - they won't show the average JPEG image made by the PC, they have to have been written by the camera so that's what causes them not to come up. The actual files should still be on the card and show up on the PC, unless they've been accidentally erased.

  phil2816 13:35 28 Dec 2006

I didnt rotate them or anything like that, I never viewed the pics i lot on my pc, i just viewed them on the camera. I think the problem was caused when i put the card into my pc...is there any thing i need to download for my pc to read them off the card. Thanks Phil

  pimpers 22:51 28 Dec 2006

Phil, you say that you tried to connect the USB lead but this did not work.

Can I suggest to try this. Remove the memory card from the camera, this should now allow you to take pictures and store them on the internal memory. Take some pictures and make sure they are on the camera by reveiwing the pictures. Now plug in the USB lead into the PC and then plug the other end into the camera. Now switch on the camera and if all is working correctly you should here a sound and a message saying something like " found new hardware". The PC should find the drivers to make this device work if you have Windows XP. If not you will be asked for the CD that came with the camera and follow the instructions.

If all has gone well so far, open up windows explorer and you should see the different drives on your PC including one for the camera. If you click on the "my computer" icon on the left you should see a small picture of your camera and its name along with all the other drives.

Your camera to PC via the USB lead is now working and can now be ruled out as a problem.

If you have a spare memory card try it by fitting it into the camera and take a few pictures. Now place it into the slot on the PC and see if it finds your pictures. If this now works then there was a problem with the original memory card.
Try and save the pictures already taken and put these either on the PC or on a CD and then try reformating the card. If it will not allow you to do this then the card is faulty.

Hope this helps Phil.


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