Kodak EasyShare Camera Software Hijacks All Photos

  griffon 56 17:49 13 Mar 2005

As soon as it was installed Kodak EasyShare relabelled all the jpegs on my computer 'EasyShare.jpg' and they can't be opened with any other photo editor, such as Adobe Photo de Luxe 1.1 which was the previous default photo management software. There is no menu item to change them back and no Help file is any use. Can anyone explain how to reclaim control over the photos and images. Right now they are effectively lost even though they can be viewed, but only by using EasyShare which is a mickey mouse piece of software and not a serious editor.

  Salinger 17:52 13 Mar 2005

Can't you right click and choose "open with", oh and dump the Easy Share.

  griffon 56 14:00 14 Mar 2005

Hi Salinger,

Thanks for the suggestion but no, that's the first thing I looked at, and, surprise, surprise, EasyShare had changed the choice to 'Open with EasyShare' and there was no other.

It's a weird and wonderful thing but with apparently identical digital kit out there, selling in its hundreds and thousands, nobody seems to have experienced exactly the same problem with exactly the same stuff.

In case it helps I'm running Win98SE with Adobe Photo de Luxe Business Edition 1.1 as my choice of photo editor because it is a little gem, and only installed Kodak EasyShare because it came with the Kodak LS633 camera I recently bought.

The Kodak software is intrusive, keeps trying to go online and share everything you've got with all the world and starts up even when the start up box has been unticked. In fact, it acts a bit like a virus. I'm going to write to Kodak about it but I don't suppose they will do anything, which is why I came here first. Hope that helps a bit.

  Filch 15:09 14 Mar 2005

Had the same problem with Picture It (MS). Went to Explorer, View, folder options, File types, and changed Picture It to open with (in my case) Photoshop Limited Edition. The files still say Picture It even though I uninstalled Picture It, but they now open in Photoshop LE. It might work for Easy Share.

  griffon 56 15:37 14 Mar 2005

Thanks Filch,

I've just received similar advice from another Forum which has worked. It was: Hold down the shift key while right clicking an affected file. Click the words 'Open with...' in the dialogue box which appears. An 'Open With' dialogue box appears containing a list of programs.

If the required one is not there click 'Browse' and pick a program from somewhere in the desired software, in my case it was PBE.exe and then tick the box on the 'Open With' box which says 'Always open files of this type with this program', or some such. Doing this for one file changed all the others back to what I wanted, though, as you say, they still have the 'wrong' name on them. Thanks again for your time and trouble, one lives and learns, but at my age you are lucky to live and there's not much question of learning!

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