Kodak DX 3700 Camera Battery Problem.

  spuds 12:15 12 Aug 2012

I have a Kodak DX 3700 digital camera that as a battery problem.

When the camera was supplied, it was provided with KAA2HR 1600mAh Ni-MH 1.2v x 2 battery, yet checking for battery replacements it would appear that CR-3V battery is being recommended for this camera. In fact the camera went back to Kodak for repair, and the supplied a free KAA2HR replacement battery.

It came to the point that the KAA2HR two battery unit was dismantled, so each battery could be recharged on an independent charger instead of the Kodak Docking Station device. This method as worked fairly well.

I have just purchased a replacement KAA2HR battery with a bigger output 2200mAh, and attempting to charge via the docking station, the red charging light is blinking constantly, which is suggesting a possible 'non-charging' process. Checking with Kodak, they are now offering no support or advice on the DX 3700.

Question (and I have tried to look this up - without success): (1) Should the Docking Station cope with the extra charging required and (2) Why supply KAA2HR, when its being advertised that the CR-3V will do, yet this appears to be a different battery type?.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  spuds 12:19 12 Aug 2012

Would add, that the Kodak DX3700 camera would hold 2 high capacity AA type batteries, without holder, if required.

  muddypaws 14:18 12 Aug 2012

Can't answer your main query, but if there is an option to use AA rechargables I suggest you buy at least four 2900 mAh plus charger. My Kodak Z1285 seems to go foer ever an a couple of AAs.

You will find they probably last longer than other types.

  spuds 14:27 12 Aug 2012

muddypaws, thanks for the response. I am already using that option, including charging the 'dual-fixed' batteries as individuals, so that I do not need to break open the battery holder.

The point that I cannot understand is how KAA2HR was supplied, but trying to get replacements, the CR-3V (previously CR-2V) is being recommended as compatible, but I seem to find this as not been the case for this particular camera.

  Woolwell 15:19 12 Aug 2012

See Kodak DX3700 Batteries which explains the differences in batteries.

  spuds 15:31 12 Aug 2012

Woolwell, I had a look at the Kodak website for support earlier, and what is confusing is that Kodak seem to state that the CRV3 lithium are non-rechargeable (1 use only), yet everywhere else I have checked indicates that they are rechargeable. Indeed I purchased a CRV3 (CR-3V?) and found that it was rechargeable, but possibly not through a Docking Station at an higher power capacity?.

  Woolwell 15:32 12 Aug 2012
  Woolwell 15:33 12 Aug 2012

I guess that Kodak are stating that the CRV3 cannot be recharged using their docking station.

  Woolwell 15:37 12 Aug 2012

I think that this makes it clear ehow. A dock will only properly charge the Ni-MH battery.

  Woolwell 15:38 12 Aug 2012

ps You can buy a charge for the CRV3 Amazon

  spuds 15:38 12 Aug 2012

I tried to find this out from Kodak, but apparently their email and live chatline have been discontinued for the Kodak DX 3700, because that item is now obsolete?.

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