Kodak all-in-one keeps invading startup

  Bargee 20:39 22 Jun 2011


I've recently installed a Kodak all-in-one printer, which performs well & I'm happy with. BUT.

The printer's status monitor is automatically loaded on start up & I can't find anywhere in any of the supplied software, how I can disable the status monitor from loading on start up. I don't need it & I don't want it. I've tried msconfig several times by unchecking EKAiO2MUI & all that happens is that I get the msconfig diagnostics running mode warning after restart & the chuffing thing loads anyway no matter how you deal with the warning! If you go back into msconfig, there is the original unchecked EKAiO2MUI, along with a new checked copy. Frustrating to say the least.

I've tried using the online help, but the shortcuts for it don't work, & the printer options in control panel doesn't have this option.

I know its probably not worth worrying about, but I absolutely HATE 3rd party suppliers unjustifiably forcing me to use my computer & peripheral their way & not how I want to use it as I have been able to do in the past & this is just such an example of that interfering 3rd party control.

I'm going to resort to direct contact with Kodak, but in the meantime, if any of you can help, I would be most relieved! Cheers.

  lotvic 22:56 22 Jun 2011

I found this page of info that tells you where it is in Autorun in Registry, that might help you to stop it ClickHere

I can't endorse the free program that is there to download as have no knowledge of it but it looks useful to me here is it's parent page ClickHere

  gengiscant 09:59 23 Jun 2011

Try this, Regedit

  Bargee 14:10 23 Jun 2011

Thanks, Iotvic & gengiscant, I'll have a go later on & let you know how I get on. Cheers.

  Bargee 19:54 24 Jun 2011

Tried gengiscant's link & so far its worked. Cheers.

So far Kodak support has come up with pathways that don't exist on my version, so still waiting for a comeback on that! Typical.

  Bargee 13:59 02 Jul 2011

Sad to say, regedit doesn't work at all. the booger just keeps on popping up in the task bar.

Kodak support just do not know what they're doing either. They suggested right clicking the icon in the task bar & selecting a do not launch on start up option or something, 1 teeny problem, the option doesn't exist. When I reponded to that effect, I got another reply stating there was nothing I could do. I fired off an "angry" reply to that & got another response that something could be done & they'd get back. So far, zip. Talk about conflicting advice. & they're supposed to be experts!!

Well, I've found a solution. Its not for the faint hearted, but what I've done is navigated to the exe file, renamed it (you can't delete it) & moved it into a specially created folder so I can recover it if I need to. OK, its probably overkill to rename it but I wasn't taking any chances! So far, so good everthing still working normally. The printer displays most of the status monitor info anyway, so I don't think I'll miss it. What is so important about a status monitor that it simply HAS to be running all the time? All this fuss because I simply hate people who needlessly mess with my PC in a way I can't rectify. Madness.


  sidecar sid 14:22 02 Jul 2011

Click the "Start" button. then click the "Devices and Printers" option.

Right-click on your "Kodak" printer, then click the "Printer Properties" option.

Click the "Advanced" tab, then click the "Printer Preferences" button.

Click the "Disable Kodak Status Monitor" check box, then click the "OK" button to apply the changes and close the window.

  Bargee 10:20 03 Jul 2011

sorry sidecar sid, my XP Home doesn't have that option when I click "start", my printer options doesn't have a "printer preferences" option & therefore no "disable " option. I can right click, left click its all the same. I simply cannot find ANY option to disable the status monitor from within windows other than to do what I have done.

Cheers anyway.

  birdface 10:24 03 Jul 2011

Go into msconfig start up and untick the Kodak all in one.

  birdface 10:26 03 Jul 2011

Oops sorry you have tried that.

  Bargee 13:40 03 Jul 2011

Certainly did buteman, certainly did. Sidecar sid's would have been a great idea, but I suspect its a Windows 7 feature. Shame.

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