know of a good wireless network manager

  lonemascot 21:07 11 Jan 2007

my windows wireless zero configuration utility is all busted or soemthing. it definitely isnt working as it should.

does anyone know of a free downloadable wireless manager software utility.

at the moment my computer just goes on a random connection spree. sometimes it gets it right and connects to my router otherwise i get pants connections to other routers.

windows doesnt seem to be in control of it as, as far as it knows there isnt a connection at all!


  Dipso 21:38 11 Jan 2007

Does your wireless card not have its own software?

  lonemascot 21:48 11 Jan 2007

i bought the laptop off ebay. i downloaded the drivers from the medion website but half are a bit dodgy anyway.

i just want to use a third party program to be able to select networks to connect to as i have no choice at the moment.

  Dipso 22:34 11 Jan 2007

I have a Medion PC with a Prism wireless card. The Prism utility can manage mine if I choose but WZC works for me.

You tried stopping WZC to see if anything else takes over?

  Ashrich 22:38 11 Jan 2007

Sounds more like dodgy drivers to me , rather than wireless zero , what make of mini pci wireless card have you got ? Have you tried just downloading the drivers from the manufacturers site ?


  Stuartli 00:03 12 Jan 2007
  woodchip 00:07 12 Jan 2007

Sounds like Windows is Corrupt. Or the Wireless drivers need updated drivers

  lonemascot 17:47 12 Jan 2007

I have a Prism card in my lappy. downloaded the drivers a while back.

wireless zero is stopped but i don't know or cannot see what is running the connections

i installed a bt hub at my mums using my lappy to configure the lot up. the driver also installed bt's own wireless utility but i have since uninstalled that.

im going to reinstall my prism driver and see what happens with that.

  Dipso 22:05 12 Jan 2007

The Prism wireless utility shows up as PRISMSTA.exe in device manager and the icon in systray looks like an "i".

I have driver version which I got from the Medion site. Let me know if you want me to upload it somewhere for you.

  lonemascot 17:03 13 Jan 2007

i do have a utility installed that is the same version as yours. although it doesnt seem to do anything. the icon is a black 'I' with a red line either side.

Could you point me in the direction of where you downloaded your one please.

  Dipso 17:34 13 Jan 2007

The black "i" with a red line either side means "no wireless link", the red goes green when connected (or yellow if a poor link).

The Prism utility only works in a limited way if
WZC is allowed to manage the wireless set up, i.e. mine tells me the status of the link and link quality but I can't use it to set up the connection. If I disable WZC I get advanced options some of which would allow me to set up a network if I wished although I don't think it can set up WPA security only WEP.

This is where I got the driver from click here version I am using currently is the one at the bottom of the list although I didn't download it directly but got it from the Support-CD Sys. 1151 which is for my PC.

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