Know anything about site statistics(1&1)..? 23:41 16 Mar 2003

I just nearly fell off my chair! No I havent had a drop today. The hit counter on my home page reads just under 1500. I just went to see my site statistics for the first time and it tells me that I have had 36,278 accesses! I know that only visitors to the home page will show on the hit counter, but could I have possibly have had this many hits? There are pages of information, which will make too much noise to print out at this time of night, including references to several search engines but it still seems like an awful lot to me. I know the figure is right, but have I misunderstood its interpretation of what is a "hit". They refer to it as an "access" Any ideas? Cheers, whiz.......

  Cordy13 00:30 17 Mar 2003

I've been there 35,000 times, does that help? 02:13 17 Mar 2003

solve the mystery if you had!

  bigdamouk 04:15 17 Mar 2003

i know what u mean whiz, in the last 3 months according to my isp (plusnet) ive had a total of 24536 hits??????????

Hmmmmmmm my sites not even finished yet!

  Cantillion 06:56 17 Mar 2003

A hit in webstat terms isn't just the amount of page hits - it also counts the graphics. So every time someone views one of your page, you'll get multiple hits. If your site is graphical intensive, you're hit count will be a lot higher than your page views. Last month my site generated 1,151,201 hits - if only this was actual traffic :-( 10:31 17 Mar 2003

that makes it easier to believe the numbers, as I have quite a few graphics on the site.

Cheers, whiz...

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