Knocked off key on laptop

  minap 17:43 23 Oct 2003

I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 and managed to knock one of the keys off the keyboard. Can anyone suggest a technique for getting it back on.
Thank you!

  AubreyS 17:55 23 Oct 2003

I managed to do the same to the Dell laptop which is supplied to me by by company. I took me some time to do it but all I can suggest is a lot of fiddling. It went on in the end.

  Proxy Worm 17:55 23 Oct 2003

has the key actually broken in half or is it in tact still? Try the dell support line but this may be expensive.

  Proxy Worm 17:56 23 Oct 2003

Try pushing it in or wiggling it about as that all you can do - the keyboard is very expensive to replace so just wiggle in about in and around.

  fred 21:09 23 Oct 2003

superglue? Used with extreme caution.

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