Kitten chewed through my cable and lost my speed?

  Brian2001 19:17 11 Sep 2006

his afternoon my kitten chewed through the extension cable connecting the modem to the phone socket. This resulted in a total loss of connection.
So I went out and bought a new extension cable and booted up again.

Now I'm only synching at 2.1Mbps and getting a dreadful download speed of 236kbps!!
Before the mishap I was synching at 3.2Mbps and getting a steady 2.4Mbps download speed.

What's going on? Will I see this increase back to where I was before?


  sean-278262 19:23 11 Sep 2006

First of all let me discuss the matter of what you are saying.

2.1mbps on a what type of connection? If you are on ADSL or DSL with any sort of contention ratio this could mean you are just in a busy period. Download speed of 236kbps. How are you measuring

MBps and Mbps are two different things. Different by a factor of 8. If you are using 2 separate ways to work this out you may be happen to be getting the speed read wrong if you are you are downloading at 1.888Megabits per second when you read it.

ADSL speeds are the maximum speeds you can expect to get, however like 56k dial up you rarely get it. I have never gotten the full speed on either of these services.

If you can clarify how you are getting these figures we can probably help more. Also try a speed test over at click here

  Brian2001 19:32 11 Sep 2006

Sorry, I'm on ADSL Max with Virgin.Net.
My modem previously had been synching to the exchange at roughly 3.2Mbps (or 3200kbps whichever you prefer).
I would normally get a speed test result from ADSLguide of 2.4Mbps.
Now I'm getting 235Kbps or 0.2Mbps.
click here

  sean-278262 19:32 11 Sep 2006

What way does your modem connect to your PC?

  Brian2001 19:35 11 Sep 2006

Using a BT Voyager 105 USB modem into a microfilter into extension lead into phone socket.
It's been plugged in this way for months no problem.

  sean-278262 19:52 11 Sep 2006

No I means how does it connect to your computer.

  Brian2001 19:57 11 Sep 2006

Via a usb cable.

  sean-278262 20:02 11 Sep 2006

Have you tried resetting your modem and also ensuring your USB cable is giving you USB2.0 speeds?

  Brian2001 20:05 11 Sep 2006

I've reset the modem several times. How would I ensure the usb cable is running at 2.0 speeds?

  Dipso 20:15 11 Sep 2006

Do you have a phone connected into the same socket as the modem?

The kitten hasn't chewed anything else like the filter cable has it?

It could be that you have bought a poor quality modem cable.

Can you post your line stats -

BT Voyager 105:

Double click system tray icon which opens the voyager control panel

Press control + F1 which enables the hidden features.

Note: You may need to have the latest firmware to do this.

  caris 20:19 11 Sep 2006

Hope the kitten hasn't chewed through your filter.

Alas it is what kittens do.

While I was waiting to change ISP providers I had to use dial up.

Bought one of thes long thin fold away extensions... and my kitten killed two of those.

That was two years ago and the kitten and I both survived. ;o)

Good Luck


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