Killed y computer

  Kernow999 13:30 05 Apr 2008

I have just tried upgrading my RAM to 1gb but the one I bought doesn't fit (the notch is in the wrong place). Put my old one back in firmly, clips attached, but the computer will not load. It will turn on but will not fire everything up.
Have I killed my pc?
Help please (again!)


  Kernow999 13:35 05 Apr 2008

Sorry, should have read 'killed my computer?' in the title

  Diemmess 13:44 05 Apr 2008

Perhaps you have, but there are several things to try before weeping.

You don't say just how far the computer goes after switch on before it stops loading. What is showing on the monitor when it stops?
Any sign of Windows?

  tullie 14:10 05 Apr 2008

Theres no reason why youve caused any damage is there?You turned the computer off,grounded yourself before removing the old stick,tryed to insert the new one,wouldent fit,so re inserted old one correctly,then restarted computer?

  Kernow999 14:51 05 Apr 2008

No sign of windows on the monitor. The monitor does not even flicker.
Yes, to turning of the power. Tried 'grounding' myself as best as I could and yes, tried the new one then put the old one back in. Nothing happened sadly.
What can I try Diemmess??

  Diemmess 14:57 05 Apr 2008

"It will turn on but will not fire everything up".

That's why I asked what <DOES> show on the monitor?
If lights come on but little else, it is likely you have disturbed something so that a connection is not fully home any more.

After the RAM which should be fully home with the clips at both ends closed automatically, high on the list would be the video card. (Unless it is integrated with the Motherboard)

Can you describe please describe exactly what happens and any screens which do show?

  woodchip 14:59 05 Apr 2008

check you have not dislodged a plug when you removed the memory

  Kernow999 15:06 05 Apr 2008

Sorry, fella. The monitor does not show anything at all. I turn the monitor on but it goes straight into standby mode.
What does the video card look like, please?

  DieSse 15:10 05 Apr 2008

"Yes, to turning of the power."

Not just a normal "power down" - but actually switched off at, or disconnected from the mains?

A normal power-down leaved voltages on the motherboard and to the RAM.

  Kernow999 15:11 05 Apr 2008

Disconnected the power supply from the back of the tower

  kjrider 15:11 05 Apr 2008

Try reseating the RAM.

Just put it in carefully, don't RAM it in.

Is the CPU fan running OK?

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