Kids & CDs isn't a good formula......

  Pooke 20:27 11 Jul 2005

The sims 2, my daughter got a hold of disc one and mangled it. Is there anything I can do? Would EA games sell me a single disc?


  De Marcus 20:29 11 Jul 2005

You could always try them, most software suppliers are sympathetic when you explain the circumstances and have proof of purchase

  Pooke 13:47 12 Jul 2005

Send the old one to the states with $13 payment, and they'll send a replacement. The advise recorded post....

Now to find out if these costs are worth it instead of buying a new one, retail.


  Strawballs 21:46 12 Jul 2005

When you say mangled how bad is it because there is a device called the skip doctor that can sort out quite bad scratches I got mine from Asda.

  Pooke 21:49 12 Jul 2005

Unfortunately there's no ASDA where I live. Deep scratches at the edges of the disk erm, quite a few of them. Is there any where else to get "the skip doctor" ?

Off to use google........

  paulbuts 21:57 12 Jul 2005

use polish brasso metal polish from the centre to the edge it really does work

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