Keystroke tracker.

  bluebird 14:25 26 Jan 2005

How do i find out if i have one of these on my pc and how do i get rid of it?

  ACOLYTE 14:42 26 Jan 2005

What makes you think you have one in the first place?,and to get rid of it you need to find it so a virus/trojan scan,or a spyware scan may do the trick.

  bluebird 14:57 26 Jan 2005

Ive fallen out with an ex and they said that they are going to cause me mischeif by passing on my email, and passwords for ebay etc and bank account. They said that they have put one of these on my pc and i wondered how i can find out. Isnt this against the law for someone to do this?

  ACOLYTE 15:05 26 Jan 2005

Did they have acsess to your pc? sounds like a windup trying to get there own back,are you sure they are that mean and would do somthing like that?.They could have put one on your pc but for it to be of any use they would need to get acsess to your pc to read the log it makes otherwise it would need to trasmit the data online and these can be blocked with a firewall,and would most probably be picked up by a virus scan as a trojan can you change the passwords for the accounts? and scan the system with an AV scanner and spyware scanner,would be a good idea to change your windows password as for passing on you email about the only thing you can do about that is change the email addy.

  vinnyo123 15:35 26 Jan 2005

Do THEY have physical access to your computer? If she or they don't then a hardware keylogger will not be a problem for you.

Keyboard ;PS2

Software versions may be difficult to find. As bluebird recommends ;I also agree ,but there are many spyware and ant-virus software available and some will not detect what the other will. Key loggers are written to hide from these SW-AV programs and OS's.

You can try a number of the popular ones and there are also some 30 day trials you can test.

I suggest if you are really worried this X might try to cause you headaches try a google search on detecting key loggers.

Or POP the XP CD in and Reformat HDD and wipe it all your worries away!!!!

Good luck

  bluebird 15:48 26 Jan 2005

She said that she sent it through an email to me. she said she knew what time i was going onto ebay and traced me through their as i was on their at regular times everyday for a while.Il try and find it through scanning. I have tried through Avast AV, Spybot S+S, Adaware SE Personal but i havent found anything. I have Zonealarm Firewall is this good enough? Im feeling mighty paranoid.:(

  ACOLYTE 15:51 26 Jan 2005

As an email i guess it was an attachment and if it was a virus av should have picked it up and deleted it if not it wont have installed unless you did it,i think shes playing mind tricks.

  bluebird 15:54 26 Jan 2005

Troj/Krepper-AE "Are wonderful things" was her words.

  ACOLYTE 15:58 26 Jan 2005

Well this trojan is not a keylogger it does alter your start page and make various entries on the pc,but i would have guessed your AV software would have detected it
click here

  bluebird 16:01 26 Jan 2005

Cheers and thanks for your help. i think its a case of her trying something but not getting very far. Still a bit paranoid though.

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