keys not always working on this site

  Pamy 15:54 06 Jul 2006

This may sound strange, but when I type on this site lately, some of the letters are missing. I have always thought it was me not tapping the key/s correctly. I know I do make spelling mistakes but it is happenning too offten. I have just paid carefull attention to my typing and found that even when I go back and enter a letter it does nt always appear and akes two or three attemps (see not and takes above. All seams OK on other sites and in Word.
Anyone else have this irritaion?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 06 Jul 2006

And I thought it was my wireless keyboard beoing slower than my two finger typing :0)

Yes when the site is busy I seem to miss certain keys while typing a reply, thank god for a spell checker (Which I often forget to use, in my haste to beat VOG to an answer.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 06 Jul 2006


Ok so now I'm adding letters not missing them.

  johndrew 16:36 06 Jul 2006

Is this a `feature` of some/all wireless keyboards?

I know my `old fashioned` fingers miss letters regularly but sometimes wonder if it all me!!

  SG Atlantis® 16:48 06 Jul 2006

nope, but I use a wired keyboard and mouse, don't see the need for wireless (except maybe the mouse) they cause too many issues.

  Ray5776 17:20 06 Jul 2006

I wondered why nobody could spell properly.

  Pamy 19:30 06 Jul 2006

It's not my age then, blood pressure slowly droping now ou have tol me i'm ot the y one
(you have told me i'm not the only one)

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