panhandle 12:21 14 Jan 2008

If I create macros for my numerous passwords, will this prevent detection of the actual password by keyloggers? Or could the macro keystrokes/shortcut itself in some way reveal what was recorded?
Asked in ignorance!

  silverous 14:00 14 Jan 2008

It depends I think on what your macros are going to do. A couple of thoughts:

i) How would you store the passwords? Storing them in plain text on your machine in a single place doesn't seem ideal.

ii) If the macro is effectively using the typing interface (not sure the correct term) then the keylogger could pick that up. If it is somehow using an interface at a lowe level than the the one the keylogger is listening to then perhaps.

I think better to just protect your PC than worry too much about bypassing something that might never get on it.

  mfletch 14:08 14 Jan 2008

I agree You need to use a good active antispyware program or do regular scans with a good Antispyware program,

Never store pass words on your computer unprotected encrypted


  panhandle 14:08 14 Jan 2008

I do not store passwords on the PC but on an external hard drive & a memory stick.

I would create the macros so that when I visit for example a bank, I can just do 'alt/shift/!' and presto there is the password.

So the password would be set up by recording a macro and creating a keyboard shortcut. Maybe I am trying to make a mountain out of a molehill!

  mfletch 14:13 14 Jan 2008


I use this for my pass words,


click here


  panhandle 14:18 14 Jan 2008

My security is always up to date, but Roboform looks interesting, so thanks a lot.

  silverous 16:13 14 Jan 2008

If your security us up to date then I wouldn't worry too much, any macros you created would in theory be a step backward as they'd need to store the logins/passwords (unless you built in encryption of some sort).

By all means use a decent password storage and completion tool but I wouldn't bother building your own unless for challenge/fun.

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