Keylogger / way to monitor computer?

  jonargent 13:00 07 Sep 2009


I'm currently at uni, and having trouble with my computer being used by my roommates when i'm in lectures, despite trying BIOS and windows passwords, and am wondering if there is a keylogger program or something I can install to find out who it is doing what, I don't want it to save passwords or anything though...

  Pineman100 14:51 07 Sep 2009

I shouldn't start trying to spy on other users of your computer. While you're doing that they still have access to it and could be causing havoc on the machine.

Much better just to make it impossible for them to use it, with something like this: click here

I've never tried it myself.

  spras 14:54 07 Sep 2009

Probably easier to tackle them at point of entry. How are they getting in? Try encrypting your drives using TrueCrypt, that'll stop them plugging your drive in to another PC (the only way I can think of that will allow them access if they don't know your windows password).

  Jak_1 15:35 07 Sep 2009

Why not simply remove the power lead and/or keyboard and lock them away when you are out.

  Bailey08787 15:39 07 Sep 2009

how are they bypassing the windows password prompt?

  jonargent 16:17 07 Sep 2009

I have no idea how they're getting past either password, dispite changing them daily... but I know its been used, as whenever I load firefox (I removed IE!) all my saved details, or my history are gone where they've cleared the lot!

I've tried removing the power lead and keyboard, but they have their own computers, and just use parts of theirs... why not just use their own computers I don't know!

  OTT_Buzzard 16:24 07 Sep 2009

You could try using a data recovery tool to see what history etc has been deleted. That might at least give an indication as to who had been using it.

Frankly, it sounds more to me like you have a problem with people - no amount of technology will resolve that. I'm assuming just asking them not to use your PC hasn't helped?

  OTT_Buzzard 16:26 07 Sep 2009

Just to clarify my comment above; i'm not saying you have a problem with everyone. Just an issue with your flatmates and their boundarys.

As a matter of interest, why would they have their own keyboards, but not their own computer?

  Jak_1 16:30 07 Sep 2009

You could try this, though you don't say what OS you are using.

click here

  Jak_1 16:33 07 Sep 2009

I would also be very careful, you say they are wiping the history after they have been using it. This smacks of them either using your pc for illeagal p2p downloads or to view porn sites! Why else would they want to delete the history! I would also lock the pc in your own room out of their way.

  jonargent 16:54 07 Sep 2009

Sorry, should have said, i'm using Windows 7 RC1, the PC would be locked away, but after a drunken rugby tackle the other night, my door currently needs to be replaced!

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