keylogger downloads safe or not?

  yvie 18:34 14 Feb 2007

Hi there

My friend has a question re keyloggers ....she wishes to monitor the use of her home pc by other person. It appears the free download of the kgb keylogger may do what she wants, but I am concerned that she will not be able to remove the programme when finished as it is not going to be in the start or programmes menu. Im not really sure I know what Im talking about, Im just worried that she will be putting something on her pc that may harm it. Has anyone used one of these programmes please? can they be detected by the other person and can they be removed again safely?

Thank you

  €dstowe 18:43 14 Feb 2007

Before doing anything further, your friend ought to question her motives for doing this spying and then question the motives of the person being spied upon, especially as this seems to being done covertly.

If there is anything untrustworthy about the "spied on" then should this person be allowed access to the machine?

If I distrusted anyone that wanted to use any of my computers then I would not let them use it, simple as that. I would never contemplate anything even remotely like keylogging or any other form of spying.

  Kate B 18:53 14 Feb 2007

I don't think we are in a position to judge from the very limited information we have about the friend's motives; nor do I think it's up to anyone here to judge.

I'm afraid I know little about keyloggers so can't help but I would start with a Google search.

  keef66 09:53 15 Feb 2007

I imagine any keylogger (and any other crap which comes with it) would be identified and removed by running Spybot S&D or similar.

Let the espionage commence!

  €dstowe 14:32 15 Feb 2007

I'm not making any judgements, just passing on my thoughts as to motives.

At the moment, I can't think of the justification for carrying out such an action as logging the activities of another computer user. OK (possibly, just) in a work situation but we are told this is a home computer and I can't help but think there is something not quite "right" about it.

Perhaps yvie might come back to clarify.

  2neat 14:39 15 Feb 2007

probably husbands computer! LOL

  Friday's Child 23:02 15 Feb 2007

I should think that the first question to ask is whether or not it is legal to use one, even on your own computer.
The way things are going, may the Human Rights laws somehow get you sued?

  woodchip 23:14 15 Feb 2007

Best thing is put a lock on the PC

  Meshuga 19:23 16 Feb 2007

Where phones are concerned you are obliged to notify the person you are calling that you are recording the conversation. I would think the same applies if you are "spying" using keyloggers. Its an invasion of privacy.

  Kate B 19:39 16 Feb 2007

"I'm not making any judgements, just passing on my thoughts as to motives."

They're not relevant and you're implying that s/he is asking for nefarious purposes. It's not your place - or anyone else's - to make that call. Either help the poster or leave the thread.

  Meshuga 19:48 16 Feb 2007

KateB, all members are entitled to their opinions and what yvie wants to do is naturally open to suspicion. Its underhanded and distasteful. You are also out of order in telling members to leave the thread.

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