keybourd troubles

  Jwbjnwolf 16:46 05 Dec 2010

keybourd troubles,
fn key decided to swap working order,
for example, instead of pressing j key you have to hold down fn aswell or you get 1 which is meant to only come up if you hold fn and j, and same for alot of the other keys.
how can correct this+

2eyb64rd tr64b3es,
fn 2ey dec5ded t6 swa* w6r25ng 6rder,
f6r exa0*3e, 5nstead 6f *ress5ng 1 2ey y64 have t6 h63d fn aswe33 6r y64 get j wh5ch 5s 0eant t6 6n3y c60e 4* 5f y64 h63d fn and 1, and sa0e f6r a36t 6f the 6ther 2eys.
h6w can c6rrect th5s+
(this is how the top paragrath comes up if were typing normally.


  Jwbjnwolf 16:47 05 Dec 2010

good worked it out,
Number locks fault

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