Keyboard typing two characters

  ventanas 08:58 20 Aug 2007

I've got one of these Logitech mouse/keyboard wireless combis. Last night the keyboard started playing up. Hitting either the T or V keys types both characters. Its the same with C or E and N and U. Other keys cause windows to open, among other random happenings. Rather annoying as some of these characters are in my log on password. If I did not have the Wacom on screen keyboard at startup I would have been up the creek. Running Vista Home Premium. I have changed batteries, and tonight I will try it with a bog-standard keyboard. if this is ok I suppose its time to ditch the Logitech and get a new one. Just wandered if anyone had any ideas.

  Diemmess 09:14 20 Aug 2007

After a good coffee spill, mopped rinsed and wiped away from a veteran Cherry keyboard, the same double key standards applied.

Fortunately this keyboard can be dismantled to the point where separate laminations could be thoroughly dried.

But then a veteran like you would notice the wet splash ...... wouldn't you???

  ventanas 09:20 20 Aug 2007

Thanks Diemess. Nothing been spilled to my knowledge, unless someone I know has been over zealous with the cleaning. If its going to dry out (if this is what it is) then the rest of today should take care of that.

  Diemmess 13:46 20 Aug 2007

My Cherry keyboard is conventional, nicely built and was already s/h when had it.

The advantage to me is that I can spring the key-holding structure away fom the rest. This can then pay a trip to the sink for a good wash. Absolutely no wires, springs, or electronics; in fact I have used a pan brush on it when it became really grubby.

Below that is the delicate stuff-
A moulded rubber overlay which only received some gentle patting to absorb any damp.
Finally some mylar printed sheets connected to a ribbon connector on to the cable.
This is where I've found moisture will persist.

The mylar is very smooth and flat and any moisture glues the laminations together like moisture can cling between sheets of clean glass if stacked and exposed to the rain. they really needed separating and propping apart while they dried.

I hope this is helpful.
It most probably has nothing to do with a spill and I confess that my earlier post was originally meant to be a polite joke.

  ventanas 14:33 20 Aug 2007

I realised that, but was under some pressure at the time. Sorry for the lack of response, it was quite funny.

  ventanas 21:03 21 Aug 2007

No good, so fifty quid and a new logitech setup. Much better though.

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