Keyboard typing scribble

  jack 11:03 27 Dec 2007

There I was hammering out a response to a thread
and on the screen appear the first line as I had typed it but the second line was total scribble
As I typed a 'd' up came an i and so on
the lower line of keys seems to remain as they should
\ through to / but the middle and upper were presenting other characters to those typed.
Fortunately I do have spare keyboards laying around.
being PS2 board it entailed a reboot ,so after sending this off and a cup of coffee I shall revert to the original to see what I get
But why the sudden change?

  HandyAndy5535 11:09 27 Dec 2007

My son had a problem like that on his Laptop. Turns out it was the Alt Gr key on the right of the Spacebar and once that was pressed the problem went so give it a try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 27 Dec 2007

Numberlock on?

  jack 12:12 27 Dec 2007

The Alternative keyboard worked fine.
reverted back to original that's OK now as this testifies [My goodness I did not have to go to spell check this time either]

Something else I have just learned.
under ordinary circumstances when swapping PS2 items around entails a reboot
However with a KV switch set up I have found I can 'hot swap'- useful to know that

  jack 12:17 27 Dec 2007

Just experimented with the the various Xtrakeys
made no difference to the typing out put- but the normal assortment of Start/drop downs that should occur happened as they should.
Oh well put it down to post Christmas malaise - even to computers

  jack 09:16 28 Dec 2007

When chatting this item around I found others too have experienced the same- it all goes away eventually.
Then I began to wonder-
Going back in the dim mists of time when the only 'proper' computers available to Joe public were Amiga's and Atari's that operated from 'Live' floppies[ no Cd's or Hardrives for them their early days-later there were]
As these 'live' floppies circulated with various programs [all on a 1.4 meg floppy] one would also get sometimes- crackling gunfire from the speaker and bullet holes appear in the screen or a Craaak and the screen 'shatters' or a police siren wail getting louder and then a police car races across the screen
Such were 'virus's' in those days

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