Keyboard suddenly stopped working

  Shorty123 17:24 03 May 2005

Hi, been given an old Windows 98 pc, its has been working fine-ish but today the keyboard will not work, it was working fine yesterday. It has not been connected to the internet since we got it. When booting up it say "Keyboard not initialised"...don't think it used to say this. In the device manager however it says its working fine. I've checked its plugged in ok. Any ideas? Son desperate!!

  Pooke100 17:26 03 May 2005

the obvious one, try swapping keyboards over?


  Shorty123 17:31 03 May 2005

I'll give it a try. In the meantime, could old spyware on the pc make this does have some on it that pops up annoyingly....180 Search Assistant is one of them...

  spuds 17:42 03 May 2005

I get this occasionally.The Cap/Num lights should show faulty connection. My remedy-- switch off computer.remove keyboard cable- check to see if anything is amiss-reseat plug into socket- then reboot.

Would suggest that you obtain spare keyboard, just in case. Starting price about £2.50.

  Shorty123 17:48 03 May 2005

Tried your idea spuds and the second time it started working again.....I'll get a new keyboard just in case as you suggested. I've a feeling I'm going to be a pest with this new pc, this is my 2nd or 3rd problem already. Anyone know if spyware could be causing these problems that crop up? (Old spyware, its not connected to the net any more)

  Pooke100 17:49 03 May 2005

Spyware is very unlikely to cause "Keyboard not initialised" during boot process. Try what spuds has said too.

  Shorty123 17:53 03 May 2005

Ok thanks Pooke and spuds, its working again for now and I'll know what to do in future. Cheers

  Pidder 17:55 03 May 2005

With 98SE I find it helpful to run Scandisc regularly. (I am a bit of a pessimist!).

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