keyboard sounds.

  geordielad307 12:15 18 Nov 2004

I have XP Home. Please tell mehow I can switch off the bleeps that the keyboard makes at intervals to alert me to various things. Thanks.

  Djohn 12:26 18 Nov 2004

The only things that your keyboard should be alerting you to is the Caps lock/Num lock and scroll lock key when pressed intentionally or by accident.

If this is what you mean then go to control panel/accessibility options/accessibility options again and under the title "Use toggle keys" remove the tick from the box.

  Graham ® 12:46 18 Nov 2004

accessibility options, keyboard, in mine, Djohn :-)

  geordielad307 16:25 18 Nov 2004

I have unticked that box, but still get the beep when I close some web pages. Not all though.
Also when I try to activate some accessories, like Media player, and it tells me to install new drivers or whatever the problem may be, comes the loud beep.

  Graham ® 17:20 18 Nov 2004

Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, Sounds, select which events to give an audio sound, clear those you don't.

  geordielad307 17:36 18 Nov 2004

Guys, thanks for your help, ... really.

This is the current situation in Sounds and Audio Devices:-

Volume :- No Audio Devices.
Sound :- Windows Default.
Audio :- Greyed out.!!
Voice :- Greyed out.!!
H/Ware :- Devices working properly.


Any idea.?

( ps. Windows Media player does not play either. Currently being displayed on another help thread. )

  Djohn 17:48 18 Nov 2004

That's strange. In mine (XP Pro) its as I posted above. If I go via control panel/Printers and other hardware, then it shows the keyboard Icon but no adjustment for the toggle keys. Shows speed and repeat rate only.

geordielad307. Graham ® has pointed you to the right place and this is where you would normally alter them from. Seeing as they are greyed out, have you checked your sound drivers?

  Graham ® 18:16 18 Nov 2004

Where are the beeps coming from, the tower or the speakers? Is it the same beep you get at startup?

  geordielad307 19:01 18 Nov 2004

Sorry guys, I seem to be giving you the run-around. This is a laptop. The sound is a VERY SHARP beep. Cannot use volume control to reduce it.

  Graham ® 10:20 19 Nov 2004

They could be low or critical battery alarm beeps. Check in Control Panel, Power Options to change or disable, to prove.

  geordielad307 15:14 19 Nov 2004

HI Graham, battery is OK, plus plugged to mains. LOL.

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