Keyboard set up to boot pc problems

  jonnytub 12:06 26 Jul 2004

Hi all, some of you may remember the other day when my keyboard was playing up and my posts looked like this "keybbooard iiiissss knnnaackkerred", anyway i bought a new wireless one from argos, the labtec wireless keyboard and mouse for £30 quid. My old keyboard was not wireless and was setup to boot the pc when a key was pressed(bios setting). The new keyboard, although works just as well seems to like randomly booting my pc up. I presume this is due to the keyboard and mouse communicating with the receiver and therefore triggering the boot process. I realise there probably isn't a whole lot i can do about this bar removing batteries or ps2 plugs, but i was wondering if anyone had worked out a way around this or suffered similar problems?
P.s. I really don't want to have to put a lead tin round my receiver ;-)

Regards Jonny

  jonnytub 11:59 27 Jul 2004

on my own on this one then? :-)

  jonnytub 16:13 27 Jul 2004

bump n run, hopefully there's a response when i get home, i shall probably reside to not using the keyboard boot process. aahh weeelll (he say's with the expression used by puss n boots from shrek 2) :0)

  jonnytub 10:26 29 Jul 2004

one last ditch attempt at this and i shall reside to leave it in my postings

  cga 10:31 29 Jul 2004

Whats the cheapest KVM switch you can get? That is the only thing I can think of.

  jonnytub 10:34 29 Jul 2004

what's a kvm switch ?

  Androcles 10:34 29 Jul 2004

Have you downloaded this click here
Fresh UI: Free tweaking tool. Configure and optimize your Windows system (Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95, NT).
There is an option in this to tweak your startup.Hope this helps.

  jonnytub 10:36 29 Jul 2004

will look into it androcles, thanks

  cga 10:39 29 Jul 2004

Keyboard Video & Mouse switch. Allows using 1 set on two computers (not at the same time :-).

You use this to switch off your mouse and keyboard when not in use by switching then to the other (non-existant) computer. Not very elegant but...

  jonnytub 10:41 29 Jul 2004

I can't see anything in fresh ui that would stop it from booting :-(, i think i may have to get the soldering iron out !

  jonnytub 10:45 29 Jul 2004

thanks i will also look into, you say not very elegant but i bet it would be a lot better looking than what i could fashion doing a home made one lol, thanks for quick replies guys.

regards jonny

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